A Dad Comes Over To Console His Adult Daughter In The Sweetest Way After Her Husband Told Her He's Divorcing Her

She needed to feel loved and cared for in her time of need, so dad stepped up to the plate in the best way he knew how.

Dad consoles daughter after divorce TikTok TikTok

A woman on TikTok named Jacqueline recorded a video of her “boomer” father attempting to make her feel better after finding out that her husband had filed for a divorce.

The sweet video, posted on June 9, 2023, quickly went viral and tugged at the heartstrings of many who praised the woman’s father for the touching way he decided to show his support during his daughter’s time of need.

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Her dad played his new favorite song for her while she was laying in bed.

In her video, simply captioned with hashtags about “DivorceTok” and support, her dad sits at the edge of her bed looking off to the side as the song plays from his phone, resting on the bed.

Text inlaid in the video reads, “My husband just said he’s divorcing me and my dad came over and I was non-functional in bed...” Her father likely took note of this, looked for his favorite song on Spotify — currently the “Cold Heart” remix by Elton John and Dua Lipa — and played it for her while telling her what he envisioned while it was playing.




“I can feel — see like, four singers, women, in the background,” he says, mimicking the way he believes they would be dancing during the performance going on in his head. “And he’s there by himself,” he adds, referring to Elton John.

Curious about what Elton John would be doing while the women dance, Jacqueline asks him, “he’s just jamming out?” He looks over at her, asking her to repeat herself, and then answers, “Yeah! You know, moving around a little bit.”

To finish the story she told with the inlaid text, Jacqueline writes, “Boomer dad didn’t know what to do so he played his new favorite song, the Dua Lipa/Rocket Man remix,” and everyone was very supportive of her father.


“That’s a good dad. It’s okay that we don’t always have the words,” one of the top comments read. “I freakin love Dads, he did what he could to be there for you. I gotta go hug my dad now,” someone else wrote.

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In a follow-up video, she explains what else her father did to support her.

“My dad just called me from Home Depot to get me light bulbs because when he was here, the lightbulbs in my living room fan were gone because they went out so we took them out because we were gonna go to Home Depot,” she explains with the “he” in her story referring to her husband.

But then we got a divorce,” she continues explaining, “so that didn’t happen and I didn’t know the wattage and, you know, it’s been like seven days so I’m really not ready to go to Home Depot.” Jacqueline already explained in her first video that she was “non-functional,” so her father went out of his way to help her pick up some of the pieces that were left by her ex.




“He just is picking up lights for me so I can have lights in my living room, he’s a really great dad.” But dad isn't the only one helping her out. “My mom made me my favorite dinner and made sure I had like 4 meals in the fridge so I don’t have to worry about cooking.”

Her parents stepped up to the plate and made sure that their daughter felt loved and cared for in her time of need. “Their ways of saying ‘I love you’ without saying it,” someone commented. “You are blessed to have them near to support you thru this. I know they are glad to be close by.”


Jacqueline closed out her video by saying that if you have a friend or family member who is going through a divorce or something really sad, making sure they have lightbulbs, food to eat, and playing Dua Lipa remixes will really go a long way in helping them.

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