Carlee Russell's Boyfriend Deletes Photos Of Her Amidst Rumors Alleging She Staged Her Disappearance To Get Him Back

As details emerge suggesting Carlee Russell staged her disappearance, people are left with one question: why?

Rumors About Carlee Russell Staging Kidnapping To Get Boyfriend Back @ivanGtv, @honeygotthejuice and @authenticceleste / TikTok

In the wake of Carlee Russell's disappearance and subsequent reemergence, the public has tried to piece together exactly what happened as we learn more details about the case.

In a recent press conference, the Hoover Police stated that “there is no reason to believe there is any threat or danger to the public connected to this case… police have not been able to confirm much of the information Russell provided in her initial interview with police.” This new development is a double-edged sword, as it not only means that Russell potentially was not harmed but also means that she might be lying about her kidnapping.


Rumors have begun circulating that Russell staged her disappearance in an attempt to salvage her relationship.

Russell, 25, from Hoover, Alabama, was reported missing after she called the police to report that she had seen a toddler walking along the interstate alone. Shortly after the calls were made, Russell disappeared, sparking a heavy search presence and media coverage until she showed up at her house two days later.

As discussed in a TikTok by user @IvanGtv, Russell’s boyfriend Thomar Latrell Simmons wrote a very heartfelt Instagram post after she was found, thanking God and everyone who participated in the searches and for their efforts to get Russell’s story out there.


carlee russell boyfriend deleted instagram postPhoto: @IvanGTV / TikTok

However, details have since emerged that challenge the validity of Russell's story, leading many people to wonder if — and why — she made the abduction story up.

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After the Hoover Police's press conference regarding Russell's case, her boyfriend deleted all traces of Russell from his social media accounts. 

“Either he doesn’t believe her either or she was doing something he didn’t like,” @IvanGTV speculated.



To add fuel to the fire, unverified photos have leaked allegedly showing Russell accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her. In a TikTok video, user @autheticceleste shows what she claims is a direct message from Russell to an alleged 'stripper' who Russell appears to accuse of having some sort of contact with Simmons.

carlee russell instagram DM screenshotPhoto: @authenticceleste / TikTok


In the DM alleged to be from Russell, she expressed her anger towards this woman by degrading her job, her child, and her income. Russell ended the message by threatening the woman not to come near her man or mention Russell’s name again or she will hurt her whole family. 

The TikToker continued by sharing details about the investigation supposedly leaked by a source familiar with Hoover officials. The alleged source shared that Russell is adamant about being kidnapped despite evidence to the contrary.



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The alleged source claimed Russell's social media activity while she was missing shows she wanted Simmons' attention.

According to the source, who claimed to quote the Captain of Hoover Fire Department, Russell had blocked Simmons in the weeks prior to her disappearance. However, "she added him back while she was 'abducted'," the text supposedly from this source says.

carlee russell leaked text from captain of hoover fire departmentPhoto: @authenticceleste / TikTok

Though these rumors are unverified, many people think they "make the story make sense."

"I told y'all that BF had something to do with it," @authenticceleste wrote in the TikTok caption. "He knew something."


One user said that "sadly this story is more believable" than the one Russell told to the police, to which the TikTok creator agreed that this reasoning is "like the missing piece" to the puzzle. 

While the investigation is currently ongoing, it's possible that Russell could face legal consequences. If it's found that Russell "misled authorities, causing them to expend tens of thousand dollars in tax money … there are certainly civil penalties that would occur,” attorney Richard Jaffe told WVTM 13 News

Despite the disheartening news, however, it's important that we not demonize Russell. If her abduction story is indeed false, it's at minimum a serious cry for help. 


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