Compassionate California Veterinarian Lends Out His Services To Homeless People's Sick Pets

He's a true hero to these animals and humans alike.

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In California, there's a veterinarian who loves doing good deeds for those who are less fortunate — the unhoused.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, there were 233,832 homeless people in the U.S. as of 2022. Out of those 233,832 people, 115,491 reside in California, adding up to 30% of the total homeless population.

According to Psychology Today, approximately 6-24% of all homeless people have pets. That's a shocking number of people who also have to worry about taking care of these pets.


California Veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart has made it his mission to help homeless people's pets for free.

Dr. Stewart has been supporting California’s homeless population and their pets for almost a decade, “ever since he spontaneously helped a man with a flea-infested dog outside a convenience store,” reported the Associated Press.

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He roams the streets of Skid Row, a neighborhood just outside Los Angeles, searching for pets in need of care. So unhoused people don’t think he is law enforcement or some other threat, he wears his scrubs with his name embroidered on them.


Stewart revealed that most people accept his help, but about 1 in 25 people refuse him. After helping a pet, Stewart always gives their owners a list of medications he used and his contact information. Should their animal need further treatment, he promises to cover all expenses.

One pet owner was thankful for this because his dog was not only his family but his counselor as well.


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One pet owner Stewart helped said, “It’s a blessing, really,” after Stewart treated his 11-month-old pitbull, Bear, for a mild ear infection. Another pet owner, whose dog received a rabies shot from Stewart, said her dog is her protector. 


Stewart believes that the homeless love their pets and give them the best lives they can and he wants to help make a difference.

“They live in the shadows. They live amongst us but not with us,” he said. “...It is really rewarding. It gets to you a little bit. When they tear up about the tough times they’ve had, you try to care for them, support them.” 

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Stewart would not be able to support these animals and their unhouse owners without the help of his organization, Project Street Vet.

Stewart founded Project Street Vet in 2020, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to his work helping the homeless and their pets. In 2022, Stewart and his team helped 735 pets and raised $488,755 to help the homeless and their pets. 


On their YouTube channel, Stewart and his team document their volunteer work in the homeless community. From giving kittens vaccines to giving dogs emergency C-sections, a lot of Project Street Vet’s volunteer work is displayed there. 

People like Stewart restore our faith in humanity. We thank Dr. Kwane Stewart for spreading joy and kindness to a community that receives so little.

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