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Man Claims His Boss Lashed Out At Ukraine-Based Employees For Not Working During Russian Invasion

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Remote worker, Kyiv during Russian invasion

With the world’s eyes on Ukraine as it battles for its independence against an unjustifiable Russian invasion, the civilian population of Ukraine is in the hearts and minds of billions worldwide.

Businesses have started to play a role in the conflict as well, joining NATO countries and their sanctions against Russia by pulling their support and operations out of the country while the Kremlin perpetuates its needless war.

However, not all employers seems to be on board, according to one Reddit poster who criticized his boss's reaction to Ukrainian remote workers.

A project manager allegedly complained about Ukrainian workers not “making arrangements” to work during the Russian invasion.

A man made a post on the subreddit r/WorkersStrikeBack calling out his unnamed company after a project manager shared some frustrations with their Ukrainian software developers.

The man said of the Ukrainian developers and their situation, “They are all nice people with families and children. As you know their entire country is getting invaded by Russia. They live in Kiev and in Eastern Ukraine right on the routes of military.”

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He then goes on to mention how they were having an emergency meeting that morning and how they were eager to have gotten into contact with the Ukrainian workers.

They had gotten in contact with the team’s project manager and asked about the status of the Ukrainians. That is when the man alleges that his manager's frustration began.

The project manager claimed they should have known a Russian invasion was imminent.

We have officially exited the realm of reality and entered some insane mirror world.

In what possible world would a rational human being react this way to losing a few days of work from employees because a tyrannical regime is rolling tanks through their backyards and blowing up their schools?

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No rational human would and that’s why while some of the comments are from people who believe the man, others doubt the veracity of the post.

One commenter in support of the man who wrote the post reacted by saying, “If you hear that again, call that sh-t out. Immediately. Worst he's going to do is fire you, but that's unlikely considering his entire Ukrainian workforce is out because of an invading army.”

Another, more skeptical commenter responded to the above comment, saying, “He’s not going to because this post is fake. Brand new burner account. Hasn’t replied a single time. Obvious troll account.”

Despite the skeptics, the majority of the comments are irate with the company and project manager for allegedly having this insane stance given the circumstances.

If you want to help the people of Ukraine, please donate to United Help Ukraine who are providing donations, food and medical supplies to displaced Ukrainians.

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