Homeless Man Builds His Own House On Hollywood Boulevard Sidewalk

It's connected to power and even rolls for convenience.

Homeless man build house in Hollywood YouTube / Fox

A homeless man has decided to take matters into his own hands while trying to survive California's insane rental prices.

On Hollywood Boulevard sits an unlikely structure that is one man's attempt to find shelter while he battles being unhoused.

The homeless man built his own home on a Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk.

“I was originally in a tent and when the sanitation workers come once every two weeks, they have you take the tent down and clear all your stuff out. So, I had an idea to build something on wheels,” the man, whose name is Q, told reporters.


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Q says the makeshift structure can be lifted so it’s easy to transfer to a dolly so it can be moved around when he needs to.

The home is well built, with a roof and even plants decorating the outside.


“I got most of the material from construction sites that threw away old wood and then some friends of mine had some wood left over and a shop across the street had some old flooring,” Q said.

Q also has a generator hooked up to the outside so he can have electricity, and a long power strip connecting the generator hanging out the back of the building.

The city of Los Angeles has offered Q temporary housing but he has refused, saying the structure gives him a sense of freedom and empowerment.

“A lot of the housing programs they offer, they put you in what seems like a concentration camp and [here] I feel like I have a way to express my artist nature,” he said. 


Citizens nearby have mixed feelings about Q’s home.

When asking passersby about the structure, the news channel received some mixed feelings.

One woman said she simply didn’t like it and that it didn’t belong there.

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“It is a little out there but he is safe and he doesn’t have to worry about someone burning his tent down,” another said.

When LAPD officers were asked to come check out the structure, they found he was in no violation of the city’s code.

As long as the building doesn’t block the sidewalk or an active business or driveway, there’s no reason he can’t stay there.


Another resident commented on the reflection this has on Los Angeles’ current housing crisis.

“It’s not okay that it’s gotten to this point, [but] the fact that he’s here I don’t see an issue with it,” they said.

For now, it seems like Q will be able to keep his makeshift home for as long as he sees fit.


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