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Astroworld Medic Says He Found 3 People Unconscious Within 10 Minutes Of Arriving To Travis Scott's Show

Photo: @remi.rich / TikTok / Twitter
Remi Rich and Travis Scott

The 2021 Astroworld Festival is being investigated for it's apparent lack of safety measures ffollowing the deaths of 8 people and the injury of hundreds more.

More and more stories are coming out from concert attendees and staff describing the horrific scene.

Among those that are speaking out about the events that took place at the Astroworld Festival is Remi Rich, one of the EMTs that was working the event. 

The medic described harrowing scenes at Astroworld.

Remi Rich, aka @remi.rich on TikTok, described the horrific events of Travis Scott’s concert in a series of TikTok videos.

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According to Remi, he and his partner were posted at the gate to the venue before he was called to the stage as backup for other medics 30 minutes into Travis Scott’s performance.

Remi then says that he and his partner arrived at the other medics and joined them on their way to their call. 

Before they had even arrived to the first emergency, Remi describes being pulled aside by members of the crowd who told him that there was an unconscious woman on the ground in the crowd.

“There was a couple people that kinda grabbed onto us, grabbed onto my shoulder and was like ‘hey there’s a girl passed out over here,’” he explained.

Remi Rich witnessed several Astroworld casualties.

Remi says that he and his partner split off from the other two medics in order to respond to the new emergency.

Remi and his partner allegedly arrive at the scene to find a woman unconscious on the ground and were told that she had been that way for 10 minutes.

Remi says that he then checked her vitals, “she has no pulse, no breathing. Which means she could have not been breathing with no pulse the whole 10 minutes.”

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Remi said that it took him 5 minutes just to get to her, making it impossible to simply carry her back through the crowd to any treatment area because she needed assistance immediately.

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Remi told his partner to stay with the woman and to start rendering aid while he went back out to retrieve his crash bag.

Remi made it out of the crowd mostly without issue, but things were much different on his trek back into the crowd.

Remi called the incident a “huge mistake.”

On his way back into the crowd and toward the unconscious woman, Remi says that he found another medic that was performing CPR on a patient alone. 

Remi couldn’t leave his partner to help on another emergency so, as protocol dictated, he said “ok look, I’ll come back for you too.”

Remi says, disturbingly, that he found another medic performing CPR on an unconscious man on his way back to his partner.

When the medic told him that his partner was working on another unconscious patient somewhere else and that he didn’t know how he could get his patient out of the crowd, Remi simply left his crash bag with the medic then moved on to find his partner.

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Remi had resolved to just haul his original patient out of the crowd now that they had received a few rounds of CPR so that he could get onto helping the isolated medics that were performing CPR on other unconscious concert-goers.

Assistance took a long time to arrive.

Several police officers with a backboard had arrived to help get the unconscious person out of the crowd.

In the videos, Remi says that he then returned to the other two medics and their patients where security and police were also arriving to help get the patients out of danger.

Remi also says that he was stopped several times by people who were begging for help for less immediately life-threatening issues like broken feet and difficulty breathing — to which he could only say that he couldn’t help them because other people that needed his help were dying.

As Remi described the process of getting unconscious patients out of the crowd, he said “Being is this crowd is literally a life threat. That was apparent.”

For eight of the people at the event, the danger posed by the massive crowd was much more than just a threat.

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