Andy Dick’s Alleged Victim Confronts Comedian On Video Before His Arrest

He has been charged with sexual battery.

Andy Dick Jaguar PS / Shutterstock / YouTube

Andy Dick has found himself in trouble with the law once again. The comedian was arrested on Wednesday for sexual battery by the Orange County Police Department and was being held on a $25,000 bond Wednesday, according to jail records. 

Dick has been staying at the O'Neil Regional Park for some time now with a group of live streamers, as reported by TMZ.

Police arrived at the trailer park scene around 9 AM after the adult male victim called authorities about a possible sexual assault. 


Livestream footage shows Andy Dick's accuser confronting him over the alleged assault.

Livestream footage recorded in the trailer park shows various events in the lead-up to Dick's arrest.  

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One video from the livestream shows the alleged victim, who is referred to as JJ in the stream, entering Dick's trailer to accuse him of assault.

Dick first asks JJ about cocaine. As the video continues, JJ asks Dick, "why did you assault me in my sleep?" 


"I never assaulted you in your sleep," Dick replies.

JJ, seemingly at a loss for words and asks Dick what he should do to which Dick replies with, "Go out there, wait for the police."

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Another video of taken from the stream sees JJ tell a friend he believes he was sexually assaulted in his sleep.

The video shows JJ questioning Dick about why he smelled lotion on his body after he woke up. Dick, in a groggy state, denies the allegations when JJ asks him. 

"Did you do something freaking weird?" JJ asks, which Dick, in an incoherent state, denies. The video continues with the person holding the camera asking why JJ woke up with lotion on him. 


"So why did he wake up with some sh-t on his a-hole? Like some lotion of something like that?" another individual asks, andy responding by saying he doesn't know and the lotion was for him?

Andy Dick has previously faced other sexual misconduct allegations.

In October of 2019, a video showed Dick being body-slammed by an Uber eats driver after he tried to steal the food. Dick then reportedly spits in the man's face.

According to TMZ, the delivery man filed a police report immediately after the altercation and was a suspect for the battery.

In October 2019, Dick was found not guilty on one count of sexual battery after an April 2018 groping incident involving his Lyft driver. In 2008 Dick was arrested for possible sexual battery, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, and public intoxication. 


In June of 2021, Dick was arrested in L.A. on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Dick's fiancé Jordana claimed on her YouTube show "Kermit and Friends" that Dick got into an altercation with [another person] and that a metal chair was involved.

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