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Family Friend Of Missing Teen Says She Was 'Groomed' By Uncle Before He Allegedly Kidnapped Her & His Son

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Jacob, Amber, Noah Clare

3-year-old Noah Clare and 16-year-old Amber Clare have reportedly been kidnapped by Noah’s father, Jacob Clare, from Tennessee and Kentucky.

Authorities believe they could be anywhere in Northern Michigan by now.

The 32-year-old man is related to both kids, Amber being his niece, but does not have any custody over any of the children and is being treated as an abductor.

The family of Amber and Noah Clare are pleading for help.

Amber was abducted in Kentucky while Noah was taken from Tennessee — Tennessee has issued an endangered child alert for Noah while the mom pleads for her son’s return.

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Amanda Ennis believed that she had just been letting her son stay with his father as per their custody agreements when she received a call from Amber’s family.

“I woke up Saturday morning at about 9:30 to phone calls from Amber’s family,” Ennis said. “Her mom said Amber had run away last night, she left two letters, and that they thought that she could be with Jake.”

As a result, Ennis tried to reach Jacob to try and figure out what was going on — where was Noah and did he have Amber with him like they thought?

“They knew that Jake and I were supposed to have open communication when it came to, you know when he had Noah,” she continued.

“And so I called Jake’s phone and it went straight to voicemail. I’ve tried to text him, I’ve tried to contact him on social media, he’s not responded to anything, phone goes straight to voicemail.”

Michigan State Police have not issued any statement regarding why the missing Clares would be in Northern Michigan, and no special alerts have been given out at this time.

Clare family friend says that Amber was groomed by Jacob.

Brittney L Leach, a family friend of Amber’s, posted a 3-minute TikTok where she describes how Amber is only a 16-year-old child and that she didn’t really run away, but was groomed and kidnapped by Jacob.

“I also want to address that I feel like Amber is being less victimized and more a suspect, she is a 16-year-old child.” she starts.

“I have 5 children of my own and any time Amber is around, she is nurturing them, she is loving, she is kind, she’s sweet, she doesn’t talk vile, she’s not wild, she doesn’t party. She is a good kid.”

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There are several reports that don’t include much information about Amber and only focus on Noah because people believe that she simply ran away and have their suspicions that she may be a part of the kidnapping plot.

“Amber Clare has been groomed by Jake Clare. From what we have discovered so far, it has been months. I’m talking 6 or more, probably more,” she explained.

“She turned 16 in October, so guys, this is not the age of consent. This is not an adult, or almost an adult, making her own decisions.”

She clarifies that Amber is a victim, and not a co-conspirator — that she’s at a “vulnerable” age and point in her life.

“This is a child at a vulnerable age. At an age that we look for love, or lust, or lust as love, and that is exactly what she is doing. And Jake Clare, someone that I know, have known personally, I’ve talked to face-to-face, I would’ve never thought of him that way, but do you ever think of the suspect that way?”

Jacob is wanted by multiple law enforcement agencies and is likely riding in a silver Subaru Outback with Tennessee license plates and a lot of stickers on the back.

Family members urge people to continue sharing posts in case they help lead to Jacob’s capture.

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