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Fans Concerned For YouTuber Who Has Disappeared After Saying She Was Going To A 'Potluck' With A 'Cult'

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Alyx Weiss

Fans across the internet are sounding the alarm as a popular YouTuber has seemingly disappeared.

Alyx Weiss, known online as ayydubs, has a popular YouTube channel with 1.73 million subscribers and hosts a podcast called "Revealing Your Secrets."

Yet her fans are concerned for her well-being, as she is nowhere to be found.

Is Alyx Weiss missing?

Weiss has not posted on social media since December 2022 and fans are starting to be concerned after investigating her most recent podcast episode.

Weiss has not posted on social media since revealing she attended an event hosted by a possible cult.

In a December 16 podcast episode, Weiss claimed she had "escaped a cult yesterday" while speaking with guests and fellow YouTubers Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy.

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Weiss claimed she had attended a meditation group at a "compound" in Pasadena, California after finding the event via MeetUp — an app for finding events and activities in your local community. 

She recounts a frightening story of arriving to the location at 8 pm in a remote area and describes there being two buildings — one poorly lit building in front of another well-lit church-like building.

"There's nobody there," Weiss describes, "and I get jump-scared by this woman who's standing like 20 feet away from me dead still."

She says that the woman motioned her towards her, without speaking, after she asked her about the meditation. Weiss claims the woman was wearing a white pointed hat and something on her face.

She swiftly left the venue and returned home to look into the group.

Weiss says she realized she had previously signed up for the group's events but couldn't attend because she was sick. However, an organizer reached out to invite her to an upcoming "potluck."

Weiss tells her guests that she plans on attending the potluck "next Saturday." She has not posted online since.

Cults are well-known for being difficult to leave, once someone gets involved with one.

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Fans of Weiss fear she may have gotten into trouble after attending the alleged cult's event.

On TikTok, fans have been seeking information on Weiss's whereabouts.



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According to someone who commented on Weiss’ Instagram, she “talked about possibly going to a cult potluck; she said she had a bad feeling but was intrigued.”

The comments section on her last Instagram post on December 2, 2022, is full of concerned fans asking where Weiss is.

“I’m genuinely concerned for Alyx,” wrote one person. “I’ve been worried since she first mentioned the potluck on the podcast… I wish someone could let us know she’s doing okay.”

“Is nobody on the team even going to f–king confirm if Alyx is okay ?? Cause it's f–d up just leaving thousands to worry,” states one upset fan.

One person spoke directly to Weiss, saying “Bestie, you can’t just tell us you might join a cult then drop off the face of the earth. Hope you’re okay and just taking a break.”

Bridget made another TikTok post, in which she addressed a comment from another ayydubs fan who said, “hopefully she’s just taking a social media break and didn’t even think about the cult thing and people being worried.”

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Bridget responded with a “minor update” that could be a clue to Weiss’s whereabouts.

“I had someone message me… that has an inside scoop that Kast Media has been doing a lot of layoffs lately. So maybe this is just a little time off.”

Kast Media is the group that produces Weiss's podcast.

Wherever Weiss is, her fans clearly care about her well-being and just hope that she’s safe.

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