Mom Claims Husband Would Lash Out When Their Baby Cried & Wants Donations To Help Her Leave Him

She has called him out online in the past but is finally getting away from their relationship.

Alice Llani Bender kids TikTok

A mother on TikTok who is well-known for her nontraditional, "crunchy" parenting methods is now going viral for a different reason regarding her family situation. Alice Bender, also known as Alice Llani, has confirmed that she is single again after splitting from her husband, Caleb, whom she married when she was 19. 

Alice has become a well-known Internet personality over the years as she documents life as a stay-at-home mother in Arizona with her two children, two-year-old Fern and nine-month-old Sage. She has sparked controversy in the parenting community regarding some of her choices, including not vaccinating her children, having them on an all-vegan diet, and allowing them to choose when they want to go to bed. 


Followers have often raised concerns about her children's wellbeing and it appears they may have been correct to do so.

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TikToker Alice Llani Bender allegedly broke up with her husband Caleb because of his treatment of their son, Fern.

Alice has suggested that she and Caleb have broken up, hinting that abuse may have played a role in their split.

Fans first raised concerns last year after a "Friend's Only" video from Alice's account was leaked and showed her claiming Caleb would get fits of rage when their young son, Fern, cried.




In the now-deleted video, she claims that Caleb would get frustrated every time Fern cried, prompting him to “slam his fists” into the bed, and the walls, and even throwing a punch into his son’s abdomen on one occasion. 

Alice would often embark on weeks-long road trips with just her and Fern, documenting their adventures while Caleb stayed back at home.

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Alice confirmed via TikTok that she is single.

In several recent videos, she confirmed she is a "single mom," alluded to dating again and mentioned "getting out of a 10-year relationship." This claim also appears to confirm speculation that Alice began dating Caleb at just 14 years old while he was 18.



The mother posted a GoFundMe page to raise money to allow her and her children to stay in their current house and hire an attorney. “I have known I needed to leave this situation for a long time, I just didn’t know how,” Alice wrote on the page.

“My family has not been in the picture for a long time and it felt like there was no way out. I have realized the best time to leave isn’t when you have all the details figured out, it’s right now. I do not want to uproot my kids from their homes to leave, but if I have to I will.” The page has since collected $4,382 in donations with the goal of $10,000. 


Some social media users extended their support and well-wishes to the newly single mother. 

“I admire your bravery, stay strong. I was raised by a single mom and I admire her strength every day! You got this!” one person commented.

“I'm so proud of you for leaving. I know how hard it can be,” another user pointed out. “She did the best for her boys and that's what matters.” 

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