Admitted ‘Trust Fund Baby’ Says He’s Stingy With Money & Doesn’t Want To Pay For His Girlfriend’s Share Of Their Vacations

Discussing finances in a relationship is essential for promoting trust, understanding, and cooperation between partners.

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A man who refers to himself as a “trust fund baby" asked for advice on how much of his money he should spend on his girlfriend. He admitted that he is “stingy” with his money and is unsure if he should be covering some of his girlfriend’s expenses, particularly when they travel together. 

The ‘trust fund baby’ does not wish to cover his girlfriend’s portion when they go on vacation, despite how much more money he has. 

The 25-year-old man named Charles called into “The Dave Ramsey Show,” an often-controversial radio program hosted by finance author and speaker, Dave Ramsey, who offers financial advice to listeners. Charles told Ramsey and his co-host, Rachel Cruze, that he is in “a bit of a trust fund baby type of situation” and wants to know if he should pitch in to help his girlfriend with some of her expenses. 


A "trust fund baby" is a term often used to refer to someone who inherits significant wealth or assets through a trust fund established by their family. Trust funds are financial arrangements where assets are held and managed by a trustee on behalf of beneficiaries, who may receive income or access to the funds at a certain age or under specific conditions. The term is sometimes used in a derogatory manner to imply that the individual is privileged or entitled due to their inherited wealth. 



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Charles clarified that, in addition to obtaining finances from his trust fund, he also works in sales, earning $80,000 annually. Still, he claimed to be particularly stingy with his money and is picky about how he spends it.

“My big question is, how much should I really do?” he asked, referring to the extent he should help his girlfriend. 

"Nothing," Cruze quickly responded. "Y'all aren't married. I mean, you're not even engaged. 

“I mean, you could take her out to dinner, but you don’t need to be paying her freaking rent,” Ramsey added.

One expense Charles specifically asked about was traveling and trips that the couple wanted to go on together. "Should I be paying for any of that type of thing, or do you think that's just a bad decision?" he questioned.


Ramsey and Cruze took a strict stance that even when traveling, he should not be paying for his girlfriend. They suggested that when the pair travels together they each pay for themselves, even if it means "it may not be as nice of a trip." 

Admitted Trust Fund Baby Says That He's Stingy With Money And Doesn't Want To Pay For Girlfriend's Vacation Photo: kitzcorner / Shutterstock

Ramsey also pointed out that “trust fund baby” has a negative connotation, but that Charles should not be viewed as such because he earns his own money and does not solely rely on his trust fund. “You're a guy who earns his own keep,” he said. “Date a woman like that — Not one that’s financially needy.” 


While Charles explained that his girlfriend does work and earns her own money, she makes significantly less than him and does not have a trust fund to rely on. 

Still, Ramsey advised him not to spend too much on his girlfriend, as it can potentially harm their relationship. 

“You just need to be real careful because I gotta tell you, every dollar you put into something like this has a tendency [to have] a negative weight on the relationship,” he said. “You start skewing the relationship.” 

“I do want to applaud you because you’re living within your means of the income that you have, and I think that’s gonna do you really well,” Cruze added. “I think when love is in the picture … that’s where overspending and emotions come into play.” 

She encouraged Charles to set boundaries when it comes to finances in his relationship. Although he may have a surplus of money that his girlfriend does not, it does not necessarily mean that should pay for things they want to do as a couple. 


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However, many people in the comments section argued that with the kind of money Charles has, he should spoil his girlfriend from time to time. 

“Take your girlfriend on the dang trip. It’ll be fun. Life is too short,” one TikTok user commented. 

“If there is a lifestyle that he wants to lead and she can’t afford it (a fancy vacation for example), if you want her to join you … you cover it,” another user wrote. 



While a second opinion can be useful, if Charles has concerns about covering his girlfriend’s expenses, it's worth having a conversation about it with her. By honestly discussing finances, they can better understand each other's financial habits, attitudes, and priorities, allowing them to assess their financial compatibility and work together towards shared goals


Discussing finances in a relationship, whether you’re a 'trust fund baby' or not, is essential for promoting trust, understanding, and cooperation between partners, ultimately strengthening the foundation of the relationship. 

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