The Secret To Happiness Is "An Imagination Machine"?

Photo: cultive creative, Khanisorn Chaokla, Dziggyfoto | Canva
woman manifesting how to be happy and achieve goals

Step with me into the Imagination Machine for a moment and learn how to be happy. As you do, imagine:

  1. That you feel really happy. Your heart feels light, as if it's buzzing and a smile is on your face.
  2. That all of your bills are paid, and your ATM slip says that you have $53,532.47 in your account.
  3. That you are wildly, passionately and deeply loved by a man who makes those caterpillars cocooned in your heart blossom into beautiful butterflies in your stomach.
  4. That your friends respect and admire you, and when they whisper behind your back, they say things like "She just makes me feel good whenever I'm around her."
  5. That you are leaving on Friday for a two-week trip in Italy, and you have a suitcase full of brand new clothes and shoes you can't wait to wear!

How do you feel? The people who spend time in the imagination machine tell me they feel happy. Why is this important? How can this make your life better, right now?

There is only one way to happiness. It can't be "found;" there are too many places to look. It can't be practiced: it takes too long. It can't happen in the future: you're living right now. But most of all, it can't be abandoned because happiness is your right as a human being. You deserve it. You can have it. It can be created. And it starts in your imagination. Here's how to do it: Spend time in the Imagination Machine every day. Breathe life back into those dreams and desires you've yearned for. And as you do, watch in amazement, as you see those dreams come true right before your very eyes.