9 Women Reveal The Most Unsexy Texting Dealbreakers

Not everything needs to be shared over text.

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Gentleman — if you're seeing someone new, you're probably spending a lot of time rewriting your texts, and rethinking what emojis to send to your potential love interest (and if you're not, it's time to start!).

Take a hint from the ladies below, and read on to find out what innuendos, grammar mistakes, and un-sexy imagery will cause them to call it quits.

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Here 9 women reveal the most unsexy texting dealbreakers:

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1. Emoji & exclamation overload

"I hate excessive emojis and exclamation marks! It's my worst nightmare, and a total turnoff." - Kim, 26


2. Poor grammar

"When they can't distinguish the difference from 'you're' and 'your,' I'm out!" - Beth, 25

3. Rapid-fire texts

"Sending multiple messages before I've had the chance to read or answer the first one. It's annoying and unnecessary, and at that point, I'm not likely to respond to any of the messages!" -Helena, 27

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4. Unwarranted sexts

"A guy I went on two dates with was texting me one day, and I told him I was really sick in bed. He took this as the perfect opportunity to start sexting me by sending pictures of himself in tight bright orange underwear (actually repulsive) saying "I can picture u as a thong girl BTW you got an amazing a**."


After I didn't respond, two weeks later he texts me 'Hey I wanted to do so much more than kiss u that night in the car and say f*** the diner. i wanted to slide my hand down your jeans so bad and really make u feel good I told u I had hands of gold but never got the chance to show u just wanted to tell ya that's all lol still would like to chill with you. If your down gotta give you that back massage still let me know what u wanna do' ... Because this is clearly the best way to get into a girl's pants." -Lauren, 23

5. WTF does 'K' mean?

"I've always been bugged when guys just use the letter "K." If you're going to respond to a text that probably didn't need to be responded to in the first place, at the very least make it an actual word. K?" -Andrea, 24

6. Ellipses mishaps

"I hate the overuse or improper use of ellipsis. I was once in a fight with an ex who actually wrote out 'dot dot dot.' My friends and I still make fun of that text to this day." -Taylor, 21

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7. The too much, too soon text

"After only meeting him once, and giving him my number, he texted me and told me he missed me ... dealbreaker." -Denise, 25

8. Weird obsessions

"He would NOT stop talking about how much he loved wearing sweatpants. I even tried to get him off the topic once, but no dice! My friends didn't even believe me until I showed them the screenshots. He's saved in my contacts as 'sweatpants!'" -Emily, 26

9. Creeper texts

"This text. From a guy who owns a pet store. No ... I do NOT know what you're saying..." -Allie, 26


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