To Women: I'd Rather See You Completely Naked (No, Not Like That)

Photo: Alexei Vladimir | Shutterstock
woman with green eyes, no makeup

I’m sure you look stunning in makeup.

But I’m not really interested in that.

I want to see your messy morning hair.

I want to see your face when you wake up.

I want to see your tear-streaked cheeks. Hopefully, they're from laughter, but I'll be there no matter what.

I want to see your face at the end of the day when all your makeup is running off.

I’m sure your stylist is great, but I want to see what hairstyle the wind can give you on a road trip.

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Where you see wrinkles, folds, or flab, I see landing pads for my lips.

I want to kiss your laugh lines, and face freckles.

I want to devour your unpainted beauty.

I want to see you blush, not your blush.

I don’t care what Cosmo says about your body, because all I see is the most unique kind of sexy that I could ever dream of.

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Put your lipstick aside. I want to feel your lips stick to mine.

I get that there’s a lot of pressure to look or act a certain way. But that’s not coming from me. I adore who you are, not what you look like.

And the absolute 1,000 percent truth is that I adore you: your body, your face, your being … exactly as it is.

You can make me laugh like no one else, and we can talk for hours about everything and nothing.

“Even when I haven’t put my makeup on yet?” Especially when you haven’t put your makeup on.

“Even when I’m in my sweatpants?” Especially when you’re in your sweatpants.

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“Even when I feel fat/bloated/gross/messy?” Especially then.

“You’re just saying that…” I’m just meaning that. You will never look like anything but comfort, beauty, and home to me. You have nothing to hide. I like every part of you, every angle, and every ounce of you.

I’m happy that you like to wear makeup sometimes if it makes you happy, but you don’t need to do it for my sake. You are absolutely stunning … in any form, at any time of the day, in any state.

I want you to know that the person I fell in love with is under all that makeup, and no matter what you look like in 10, 15, or even 20 years, I'll still find you the most beautiful creature in the world.

You. Are. Stunning.

And no matter what anyone else says, I hope you never forget it.

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Jordan Gray is a five-time #1 Amazon best-selling author, public speaker, and relationship coach with more than a decade of practice behind him. His work has been featured in The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and more.