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Woman Marries Man Who Babysat Her When She Was 4 — ‘You Were The Best Babysitter Ever’

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Some couples don’t seem like the likeliest pairings at first glance. Others just seem downright confusing. One couple on TikTok is taking some heat after sharing their love story, which is about as unconventional as it gets.

Samantha Gizzle, known as @gsamantha1994 on TikTok, recently shared a photo from her wedding day, where she pointed out the 15-year age gap between her and her groom. She is 29 and he is 44. However, they met when they were much younger. In fact, she was only 4 and he was 19. 

A woman shared that she met her now-husband when he was her babysitter as a child.

Gizzle claimed he was “the best babysitter ever,” but other TikTok users were understandably shocked to learn that Gizzle and her husband met in such an unusual way. “That is sick,” one commenter wrote. “I’m so sorry this happened to you,” said another.

Gizzle, however, was upset by the backlash her photos and relationship faced. She made a follow-up video to respond, and called the reaction she had received “disgusting.”

“It saddens my heart that Gen Z is brainwashed into thinking that age gaps are bad,” she added. 

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Many commenters took issue with this argument, saying that they were in or knew someone in a relationship with an age gap, but it was normal because the two people met as adults. There was one other line from the video that people had a problem with: “Nothing happened during the time he was my babysitter. He waited until I turned 18!”

“The fact that you had to say, ‘He waited until I was 18,’ just makes it worse,” one person said. 

Several people filmed video reactions to Gizzle’s news.

Commentary on TikTok did not stop at the comments sections of Gizzle’s videos. Multiple people made videos in response to hers to discuss what was going on.

Stefannie from @nosybystanders shared her thoughts on the situation. In response to Gizzle’s comment that she “can’t believe I have to make this video,” Stefannie stated, “Yeah, you do. You gotta explain to us, what are we witnessing?” 



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Stefannie also didn’t understand why Gizzle said that Gen Z was having problems with the age gap. “Not just Gen Z because I’m a Millennial,” she said.

Stefannie’s comment section was very similar to Gizzle’s, with other TikTok users feeling a sense of disbelief. “So her parents are just ok with that?” one person asked. “Gen X here – we are also concerned,” said another.

Another TikTok creator, @no_niche_babe, also joined in on the conversation. She lamented that Gizzle had even posted this to be openly debated. “The things some of y’all willingly post on TikTok,” she said with a sigh.



She also agreed with Stefannie regarding the possible ways different generations reacted to the news. “This is not a Gen Z thing,” she stated. She additionally went further than anyone else by saying what was undoubtedly on a lot of people’s minds: “You were groomed.”

“This is foul!” commented one person. “I’m sick,” said another.

While age gaps are certainly not uncommon in relationships, the circumstances surrounding this one do feel a bit off. As some commenters pointed out, many people who are in a relationship with an age gap meet their partner as an adult and only know them as such.

Still, age can't tell the whole story when it comes to love, and it's unfair to judge someone's relationship without all of the facts. 

“When people question or judge a relationship they are not a part of, they are overstepping the couple’s boundaries,” GinaMarie Guarino, a licensed mental health counselor, told PsychCentral. When this happens, experts suggest age-gap couples find a support network and seek counseling to help them overcome any issues that may arise due to their age difference. 

“You know who you are and what your relationship means to you,” licensed professional counselor Brandy Porche told PsychCentral.

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