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Wife Saves For 5 Months To Get Her Husband A Stanley Cup Because He Felt Left Out At Work

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wife giving husband a present

The holiday season is over, but that doesn’t mean that the spirit of giving has to end.

One woman named Royal found out for herself just how meaningful giving gifts can be, after saving up for one very special item.

The woman saved for 5 months to get her husband a Stanley tumbler because he felt left out at work for not having one. 

Royal shared a sweet story of giving her husband a gift he’d been holding out for. She said that she’d “intended to get this for him for Christmas, but the kids came first, so I was happy to be able to finally get it for him.”



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She presented the gift in a casual way, showing off a plastic bag holding the prized Stanley cup. She knocked on the door to their bedroom and asked him to pause the TV so she could offer him what she had.

“He works so hard but all his money goes to bills and groceries,” she explained. “I have a surprise for you,” she told her husband, who sat on the edge of the bed with his eyes closed. 

She prompted him, asking if he remembered feeling upset that he didn’t get a Christmas gift, before revealing her surprise.

Wife Saves For 5 Months To Get Her Husband A Stanley Cup Photo: Polina Kovaleva / Pexels 

“This whole time, I’ve been saving up, and I just got enough to buy you what I’ve been trying to get you,” she said. Her husband took the bag from her, complaining that she didn’t bother wrapping it with wrapping paper to make it look special. 

“Don’t worry about all that,” she implored him. “I couldn’t get wrapping paper, it was all sold out.”

Despite the gift not being properly wrapped, the husband’s reaction to opening it was genuinely priceless: Once he realized it was a Stanley tumbler, he jumped up, shouting joyfully. 

“You scared me!” Royal said after his excited reaction. “I scared the cat, too,” her husband said.

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“She got me a Stanley cup,” he exclaimed, his happiness palpable. “This is crazy.”

Wife Saves For 5 Months To Get Her Husband A Stanley Cup Photo: Roman Odintsov / Pexels 

Her husband was so emotional at receiving the gift he’d waited to get, he was on the verge of tears. Royal comforted her husband, as his grateful reaction set his emotions on high.

She made a follow-up post, showing off the extreme level of care her husband gave to maintaining his Stanley cup.



Royal captured her husband cleaning his Stanley cup with precision, soaking it in a bowl of soapy water and scrubbing it with a toothbrush. She approached her husband with his Stanley quietly, whispering so as not to break his concentration.

“Look at this,” she remarked, as his actions seemed to warm her heart. She explained he even made a Q-Tip connector as a tool to clean the straw from his cup.

It really is the thought that counts when it comes to gifts.

His sweet reaction and the intense care he took to clean his prized possession shows just how valuable getting a Stanley cup was for him.

Life can be far from perfect, yet sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference, like your wife paying attention to your wants, and providing that special something when she’s able to do so.

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