The Image You See First In This Visual Test Reveals How You Act When You're In Love

what you're like in love optical illusion

As human beings, our exceptional cognitive abilities and distinctive personality traits are part of what distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom. With just a very small bit of information, we are able to dissect, analyze, and solve complex problems when they come our way, which is unique.

But that doesn't mean we human beings are perfect — not by a long shot. Sometimes, in spite of everything our amazing minds can do, we're presented with too much information for our senses to fully digest and comprehend.

While it can be frustrating to have any one of our senses overpowered by an abundance of information, the way our minds react under such circumstances can reveal certain personality traits and aspects of who we are that we might otherwise never be able to access.

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Personality tests exist for just this reason: to show us more about ourselves and the way we are in relationships.​

And with this personality test, you can discover how you behave and express yourself when you are in love.

Without overthinking it, take a look at the optical illusion personality test below and pay attention to the image your eyes communicate to your brain first to find out what you're like in love. Be prepared for truths you may not have been expecting.

what you're like in love personality test

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1. If you saw the face of a man in profile

If you looked at this picture and saw an abstract image of an old man's face, it doesn't mean you're destined to wind up with an old man. What it does mean is that you are the type of person who never loses sight of the "big picture," particularly when it comes to love and dating.

On the surface, you might seem like the kind who longs to be swept off your feet, and while you might appreciate the sentiment of romantic gestures, the truth is that you are far more likely to be wooed successfully by someone who's willing to put in the time, effort, energy, and hard work that real love requires, just as you are willing to do for them.

It doesn't matter how old you are. You know that there's more to love than flowers and sonnets. Real love is about building a life together, and that's what you are looking for when it comes to a long-term, fulfilling romantic relationship.

2. If you saw the man riding a horse

If you looked at this optical illusion and saw an image of a man riding a horse, this doesn't mean that you are destined to fall in love with a cowboy. It does mean, however, that when it comes to love and romance, your heart can be a tough one to tame, even when you believe you've finally found the person of your dreams.

You are a person whose heart and soul both thrive when you receive the attention of a courtly nature on a near-constant basis. Had you been born in the era of King Arthur and Guinevere, you would have fit right in, swooning at the notion of a man fighting duels for your honor. Talk about real and lasting (if dangerous and sometimes fatal) love!

You have a natural tendency to continue looking over your partner's shoulder, just in case the real person of your dreams suddenly appears. Do not risk letting a good one get away, as it could very well turn out to be the one who’s been right there in front of you waiting to be noticed this entire time.

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3. If you saw the girl lying down by a river

If you looked at this optical illusion and saw the image of the girl lying down by the river, this doesn't mean that you're lying down and giving up on love in the least. It does mean that you've been hurt badly in the past by prior experiences of love, and that, while you have a great propensity for giving your heart away, you're growing increasingly skittish and wary as time moves on.

Every single person who ever tries to find a romantic partner will experience a certain amount of rejection and heartbreak over the course of their life, but this doesn't mean that they — i.e., you — won't find love when you're meant to. The real trouble here is that you have a particularly hard time convincing yourself that there's any point in continuing to look for the love that will last.

You should never give up on this hunt. While you are the kind of person who feels heartache deeply, you're also the kind of person who loves intensely. It is a gift to be loved by you, and that's something you should never forget. Don't give up until you find someone who understands exactly how lucky they are to have found you, too.

4. A stone archway over the river

If you looked at this picture and saw the image of a stone walkway overlooking a roaring river, don't panic that what you saw first didn't feature any people in it at all. This doesn't mean you're cut off from your fellow man, it simply means you have a wild and dreaming heart that is difficult to tame.

You love the idea of falling in love. You may, perhaps, even have managed to do it a few times. But in the end, it feels like no one else's heart craves a partner in exploration and adventure quite the way that you do.

While you are absolutely a unique and wild spirit, that doesn't mean you should either expect or desire to go through this life all on your own. As you journey through life, seeing the sights and having one epic adventure after another, keep your eyes open for someone who's out there enjoying this wacky ride called life just as much as you are.

Giving your heart to someone doesn't mean you lose it. It means you get to experience twice as many more wonderful things than you ever dared dream could be possible.

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