What His Toes Reveal About His Personality— And Trustworthiness

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Man in hat in a hammock on a summer day bare toes

Our feet are a lot like our hands in that they have ten digits and can pick up stuff like pens or fallen candies we are too lazy to bend down and reach with our primary grabbers. 

They also help us walk to the refrigerator, and look excellent when their toes are buffed and polished. They are also ticklish. It goes to follow that they are also very good at kicking people who think that tickling them is a good idea. 

In addition to these facts, a person's feet can actually tell you a lot about them. 

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I don't mean that feet can speak (note: if you have talking feet please contact me immediately). 

What feet can do is tell you a whole lot about an individual's personality. So if you're dating a dude and you're considering him to be a potential life mate, look past his worn-out Tevas and black socks. His toes can tell you everything you need to know if the ancient art of Chinese toe-reading is to be believed. 

Here are what his toes reveal about his personality and trustworthiness:

1. Big toe

If the big toe is longer than all your other toes it means you are super creative and good at coming up with ideas fast! Unfortunately, it can also mean that you have a hard time focusing, probably because your toes look so good. 

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2. Second toe

If your second toe is longer than the rest of your toes this means you've got mad leadership qualities! You are decisive and have a take-charge personality. Some people might describe these folks as "bossy", but I think they are just jealous (I definitely have a long second toe). 

3. Third toe

The longer your third toe is, the more career-focused you are. Since third toes are not known for being, super long, this is a notable trait. On a first date immediately ask a guy to remove his shoes. If you don't have to, then he is wearing sandals on a first date and you should break up with him. 

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4. Fourth toe

This is where I get messed with where toe reading is concerned — if you've got a straight fourth toe, it means your family and your relationships are very important to you. If your toe, like mine, is curled, it means unhappiness in your familial relationships. You're a good listener, but you can't get away from their problems. Nice work, stunted toe. 

5. Baby toe  

Here's the ultimate test for a would-be suitor. If a man can wiggle his little toe independently from the rest, he is not to be trusted! He's a charming flirt who will leave you brokenhearted. If he struggles and tries and strains and still can't get his wiggle on? That's a man who is loyal. Get with him and never wiggle your toes again for the rest of your life. 

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