What Men Want In A Relationship — But Have No Idea How To Ask For

If you really want to know what men want, you have to understand how they think.

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If you've ever wondered what men want in a relationship, you're not alone. 

Is it sex? Is it love? Is it friendship? Even guys themselves can't tell you.

However, there is one thing that men crave. It's something they can't do without even though they're not aware of it.

Sure, sex is fun, and falling in love is exciting. Everyone knows that friendship is an important part of a relationship, but if you want to know what men want, you have to understand how they think.


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Here's what men want in a relationship — but have no idea how to ask for:

1. Respect

Men want respect. Men intuitively know that you can only fall in love with a man you respect.

Men go with women who they believe respect them and who they think they can give a better life to.



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2. You have boundaries

Men often get ahead of themselves including asking for sex they're not ready to have. However, it's not your job to squash their enthusiasm; it's to let them know what your boundaries are.

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3. You keep pace with him

Men want you to move with them. They want to know that you respect who they are and how they are in the world.

When you respect a man, he will do anything for you. Men marry women who respect them.

You want a man who comes on strong, knows what he wants, and is willing to lead.

You dance with him and let him lead you to find out how he handles reality.




A good man always takes your feelings into account. He asks you how you feel about what he thinks and wants.

I hope he tells you what he wants and asks you how you feel about it.


Dance with him. Find out how he handles reality. If you find out over time that you respect him, he may very well be the right man for you.

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James Allen Hanrahan is a dating and relationship coach for women based in Los Angeles. He's also the author of "A Life of Love" and "Dating Advice for Alpha Women."