What Is Infla-Dating — And Why So Many People Are Doing It

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2023 is hopefully the year we began to see more dating trends that are actually positive — unlike ghosting, kittenfishing, and breadcrumbing.  

With inflation, there's a new dating term being referred to as "infla-dating." 

As you can guess by its name, infla-dating is a trend where people are going on cheaper dates. This trend works for people who are in a long-term relationship as well as singles on a first date. Because with everything as expensive as it is right now, it’s not financially practical to have a date at fancy restaurants anymore.

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What is infla-dating?

People have realized that there are many ways to have a romantic date without breaking the bank. Infla-dating has many benefits:

  • It saves you some money 
  • Forces you to be more creative in finding free date ideas 
  • No reservations? No problem!  
  • More appreciation for the smaller things in life

Infla-dating ideas to get you started

If you still have no ideas to try for your next date, here are some examples: 

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1. Have a simple picnic at the park

A go-to when you want to chill and have a quiet time. Try the beach or a local park. 

Some people don’t want to do a picnic because they think it’s expensive — but it doesn't have to be. Bring snacks, a few drinks (alcoholic or not), and a board game to play together. 

2. Paint together 

Even for beginners, painting together is a great couple activity and it's also a great way to calm your mind. Nothing beats a peaceful painting moment.

3. Go for a hike or kayak

Hiking is another affordable activity you can try — why not take advantage of the beautiful nature all around you? It's also a great opportunity to really get to know someone since there are few distractions — besides being out of breath!

If you aren’t into hiking at all, try kayaking. Search for a secondhand kayak online through Facebook Marketplace to save some cash.

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4. Bake together

If you're bored of watching Netflix at home, try baking an easy dessert together. It’s fun! It doesn’t matter if both of you aren’t good at cooking, it’s about spending quality time. A friend of mine went on a first date recently and said cooking together was actually a lot more romantic than a fancy dinner at a restaurant.

5. Go for city strolls and visit museums on their free days

Sitting at a cafe on a first date can feel more awkward than doing an activity together because, with an activity, you have a built-in conversation topic. 

That’s why going for city strolls or visiting museums on their free resident days are great ideas  —  especially if you aren’t into sporty activities.

6. Try dance or yoga class

Dive into a new workout session together and to make it even more fun, bring your mat to the park nearby. Yoga's also great summer activity for couples who want to spend time together outside while staying active. 

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Anggun Bawi is a freelance writer who uses her own dating experience to help others.