10 Weird-But-Insanely-Rewarding Things To Try Post-Breakup

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Just because you and your partner-in-crime have recently parted ways doesn’t mean your days of mourning should be filled with pints of sugary Ben and Jerry’s and salacious Netflix binges. Now is the time to embrace the possibilities, take up a new hobby, and get back in touch with your inner fun, single gal. Here are 10 strange yet potentially insanely rewarding activities to partake in the next time your mind starts to wander to you-know-who again.

Here are 10 weird-but-insanely-rewarding things to try post-breakup:

1. Do comedy

Try your hand at stand-up comedy. Laughter is the best medicine after all. The best way to cure the breakup blues? Get some laughs by making others laugh at an open mic. It could even help you finally get over that fear of public speaking.

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2. Join the circus

Well, almost. Take an aerial or circus art class to get those endorphins pumping! Training includes everything from silk work, trapeze, contortion, and acrobatics. Yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds.

3. Learn an instrument

Learn how to play that weird instrument you’ve always wanted to play, like the banjo. Mumford & Sons may need a replacement someday…



4. Try improv

You’re not sure what’s next and that’s okay. Tina Fey said to approach life with a “Yes AND” attitude. Approach your breakup the same way… and improv can help! This same wise woman also said, “There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” We couldn’t agree more.

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5. Go your way

Fleetwood Mac said it best about moving on, and music can heal. It might seem counterintuitive but hit up a concert or club solo to watch live music. It’ll feel weird at first, but it’s a great way to meet people and can be super cathartic.

6. Get lost

Even if you think you know your neighborhood, get lost on an unfamiliar street or wander a familiar area with a fresh set of eyes. Host your street art tour, take artsy photos, and just enjoy your time out in the open.

7. Get adventurous… with food

Learn how to cook an exotic cuisine, like Ethiopian. Or learn how to make your cheese, for when those times of desperation call for a few glasses (or an entire bottle) of really good wine. Now that’s a useful life skill.



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8. Write poetry about it

Hit up a poetry slam. You’ll leave feeling like an empowered woman. A refined woman as well, because other people have just spilled their guts and hearts with the power of the spoken word. And soon you’ll be saying “What guy?”

9. Be a rebel

Finally get that tattoo, piercing, or edgy haircut you’ve been meaning to get. No one is stopping you now!

10. Get handy

With your home! And, also simultaneously save the planet. Be creative and make wall art with random things like your toilet paper rolls. There are also enough DIY crafts out there to keep you busy for the rest of time.

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