13 Unsexy Signs You're Dating A Loser

These types of people need to be dumped.

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It's rough out here, being single.

You have no idea who's potentially a serial killer and who's actually a nice person.

You start to date one person, and then one day you wake up and loathe the way they slurp their orange juice. 

It's exhausting having to start over with a new person, and yet you can't help being a complete romantic, either.

If only there were signs you can look for in the beginning to help you determine if someone is, well, a loser.


Here are 13 unsexy signs you're dating a loser:

1. They want a kid for none of the right reasons

They want to have kids so they can stop working and mooch off you. Now, who's the child? 

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2. They need to do everything with you

It's one thing to share experiences, but it's another thing to need someone to hold your hand all the time. When it goes beyond wanting to spend time together to demanding it constantly, you have to wonder, what's their problem?

3. They always need your attention

They're mopey when you're not giving them 100 percent of your attention. When you start having fun at a party, they want to leave. 

4. They use sex as a weapon

Putting out is the bartering chip they've been using since their school days, but it's a cheap ploy. A clever person who respects themselves won't have to abuse their sexual power.

5. They flirt with everyone

They flirt with people in front of you, shamelessly. Then, they get super mad and make a scene if you so much as give a cute server your order.


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6. They're very high-maintenance

They're constantly complaining and barking orders. Everyone around them rolls their eyes at the demands. Why don't they get off their duff and do it themselves?

7. They use you to make their friends jealous

They force you to show off to their friends with grand displays of obedience, love, and virility. But they never want to hang out with you and your best friends. Why is it that they expect people to think they're impressive when they never do anything to impress them? 

8. They blame their parents for everything

They blame their life's problems on their parents, yet they depend on them, a lot.


9. They want to climb the social ladder

They're always looking for someone richer to kiss up to. When it comes to making new friends, they're total snobs.

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10. They only want to be rich and popular

They think they should be famous, but they haven't done anything to warrant admiration besides looking good. You need a personality and some talent for that.

11. They can never be single

They reek of needing a significant other, and they will stop at nothing to bag one. When they're single, their friends even feel like they have to hide their significant others for fear they will try to pounce.


12. They do absolutely nothing for you

You're constantly doing things for them, but, as Janet Jackson would put it, "What have you done for me lately?" If they're going to act like royalty, why don't they treat you like the royalty you are?

13. They always fish for compliments

They're always looking for compliments. You have to constantly reassure them that they're amazing, but their response always seems to say: "I know."

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