10 Unique Invitation Designs To Match Your Wedding Vibe

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Wedding season is upon us and the days are counting down to when you need to send out your invitations.

But how do you pick the right invitation to send? Where can you get the dream wedding invitations you want? Some have the perfect design but the font is all wrong. Others have the font, but the background doesn't match your theme.

I know from personal experience that couples desire something unique, something that is all you and your loved one's own. You don't want a cookie-cutter invite that your great aunt, your cousin, and your big brother used for their weddings!

Luckily for me (and now you!), The Knot's customizable wedding invitations are perfect for every couple who has a vision of what they want their invitations to look like.

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Why You Should Use The Knot For Your Wedding Invitations

1. Customization

The first thing I fell in love with on The Knot's invitation site is that each and every invitation they sell can be completely personalized to suit your taste. You can move the text where you wish, as well as customize what you want the text to say.

You can change the font, style, and color. You can even pick the type of paper the invitation gets printed on, and if there is foil involved you can choose the color. Some designs even allow you to place your own engagement photos on your invites.

The Knot features hundreds of hand-designed invitations you can choose from and customize to include your own personal touch. Even better, you can see what your invitation will look like (front and back) before you make a purchase.

2. Affordability

When I found the perfect invitation on The Knot's website, I was beyond excited to notice that they were completely affordable. They have invitations that go as low as $1.59 per piece.

What's great is that the more invitations you buy, the lower each individual invitation is. So, buying in bulk actually helps you in this aspect. The Knot has invitations for every wedding budget so you don't have to go broke.

You can save an extra 15% off your invites with the code PAPER15.

3. User-friendly

Not only are these invitations stunning, but The Knot's website is incredibly user-friendly. You can filter by color, whether you want foil, design style, and if you want a certain number of your own photos on it. Not only that, but you can even look at invitations by season.

If you want fall wedding invites, just check the little fall box and browse to your heart's content. It's also important to know that you can make any of the invitations look more like your chosen season by customizing it.

4. Helpful customer service

The Knot's customer service is extremely helpful. The website features a tiny chat box that pops up when you're customizing where you can ask all the questions you have.

Their customer service team can help you figure out everything in a matter of minutes. They can even provide you with sale information and promotions that are going on.

The Knot also offers returns on invitations that have been damaged or were printed wrong with no hassle.

5. Free samples

Nothing beats a free sample kit from the Knot. This kit allows you to see, feel, and have your invitations right in front of you to truly tell if they are the ones for you.

You can order three designs to sample with the code 3FREE at checkout.

When you order a sample kit, you will also receive color charts, sample envelopes, a stationery timeline, and so much more!

6. All-inclusive

When you are planning a wedding it's easy to get lost. But the Knot not only sells the perfect wedding invitations, it's also a great wedding planner tool. It helps you keep all of your contacts in one place.

The Knot is also great at helping you find wedding professionals to hire like florists, musicians, photographers, and other vendors on The Knot Vendor Marketplace. It's wonderful to be able to keep track of everything in one place. Plus, the Knot has an app so you can check on things right on your phone. They even have their own registry with The Knot Registry Store.

Even better, couples can create a free, custom wedding website on The Knot that can match the theme of your invitations. How cool is that?

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10 Unique Invitation Designs To Match Your Wedding Vibe

1. Vintage Nouveau

Season: Spring

Vintage Nouveau is an elegant wedding invitation that spotlights a romantic art nouveau frame wrapped in beautiful flowers. You can use a nice vintage font to pair with it to feel like the olden days. You can even add on more matching wedding stationary like stickers, table numbers, and menus.

2. Monogram Slant

Season: Any

Monogram Slant is a timeless invitation that has a modern twist. Presenting your monogram with a touch of elegance, this wedding invitation effortlessly combines simplicity and style.

The bold lettering accentuates your monogram, while the names and wedding details are beautifully arranged using sophisticated and script-style fonts. To add a tasteful embellishment, a minimalist diagonal line gracefully separates the initials of you and your partner.

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3. Painted Mountains

Season: Winter

This exquisite wedding invitation showcases hand-painted mountains in a captivating watercolor, while the specifics of your special day are elegantly presented in a blend of serif and clean fonts. All customizable, of course.

Painted Mountains is crafted on textured paper, but these invitations are available in an array of hues, ranging from rustic earthy tones to opulent shades reminiscent of lush forests.

4. Timeless Floral

Season: Any

Imagine a style oasis, akin to a flourishing garden, where intricate inky florals gracefully entwine around the edges of these enchanting wedding invitations. Complemented by classic typography, they exude a timeless charm that is destined to endure, even as the final dance fades into cherished memories.

Timeless Floral is a great invitation choice for a wedding of any season.

Use code PAPER15 to receive 15% off paper purchases!

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5. Picture This

Season: Any

Picture This is a captivating wedding invitation adorned with a delightful collage of your romantic snapshots. Gracefully positioned at the top, your names elegantly appear in a pristine uppercase font that is beautifully connected by a plus sign.

If you want your invitations to be more you, what better than to put you and your loved one on the invitation?

6. Sweet Sunflowers

Season: Summer

Sweet Sunflowers is a beautiful choice for a sunny summer wedding. Showcase an abundance of charming sunflowers to your potential guests to warmingly welcome them. Your names will shine through with a contrast of the soft background.

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7. Vintage Toile

Season: Any

Vintage Toile is one of my favorites from the Knot's invitation collection. If you are having a European destination wedding, these invitations are perfect for your chateau or small country house. If you are tying the knot closer to home, these invitations will add a lovely elegance to the festivities.

In this classic toile style, the invitations are white and decorated with a vintage, pastoral pattern in a single color of your choosing. The invite will have images of birds, branches, and grapes around a banner that presents your names.

8. Gothic Gate

Season: Any

Gothic Gate is a great combination of love and a Gothic style. If your theme is a bit on the darker side of hues, this is a great choice for a wedding that encompasses you and your loved one.

Customize this aesthetically pleasing stationary as you like, but the black with red blooms is a best seller!

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9. You Are Mine

Season: Any

You Are Mine is a classic invitation style for those who wish to go the traditional route. Bringing together timeless elegance and modern flair, this wedding invitation offers a tastefully refined aesthetic that is bound to enchant your cherished guests.

The phrase "At last" takes center stage, artfully rendered in a romantic style.

10. Gilded Monogram

All photos: The Knot

Season: Any

Gilded Monogram is an all-time top favorite. The winner, in the case of my wedding.

It features exquisite foil (which you can choose from), bold coloring and a solid elegant envelope to accompany it. The invitation comes in several color combinations you can choose from to customize it to your wedding theme.

Use code PAPER15 to receive 15% off paper purchases!

-Created in partnership with The Knot

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