10 Tiny Marriage Habits That Will Make Your Relationship Healthier Than 99% Of Couples

Only you and your partner can make your relationship better.

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All relationships are unique but all require one thing: hard work.

There is a lot of relationship advice out there, from articles to videos. But, after 20+ years as a marriage advisor working with executives and their families, I found that work success can also translate into marital and committed relationship success.

Healthy relationships require just as much work and effort to be successful. In marriage, especially, the hard work doesn't stop at the wedding. It continues until "death do us part".


Whether you're in a relationship or married, both partners need to do their fair share and lift their weight to last a long time.

If you can put as much effort into building your career as learning how to have a healthy relationship, you will achieve the same success.

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Here are 10 tiny marriage habits that will make your relationship healthier than most people:

1. Take responsibility for the health of your relationship

You and your spouse are responsible for the state of your marriage.

Acknowledge that your beliefs, choices, and behaviors all play a role in your relationship, and strive to make decisions that support your bond. 


2. Exhibit the behaviors you hope to see in your spouse

If you want to be a kind, considerate, and hardworking person, you too need to adopt these attributes.

Lay the foundation for a successful marriage by acting in a way that makes you proud. Show your spouse you love and respect them to nurture your relationship. 



3. Give more than you hope to receive

Treat your partner the way you would like to be treated — and then go the extra mile. 


Be the example, even if you do not believe your spouse is giving back what you are putting into the marriage. Live without expecting reciprocity. 

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4. Determine who you are

Clarity about who you are and where you are headed brings feelings of purpose and fulfillment.

By discussing what you want and encouraging your spouse to do the same, you will build a framework to evaluate your desired outcomes.

5. Continue building your relationship skills

Few couples put in the time to actively improve their relationship skills.



It’s important, however, that you work to continually strengthen your bond.


6. Advocate for your marriage or commitment

Society conveys that spouses should consider divorce when things are no longer "fun" or "easy."

Rather than accepting this outlook, view your marriage as the most important relationship you have. Remember that your union is sacred.

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7. Commit to your partner

Marriage is an investment not only in your partner but also in your relationship.

Even when things become difficult, honor your commitment by putting in the work needed to sustain a healthy marriage.

8. Aim for personal growth

The challenges we face help us learn and grow. Couples who stay together through difficult times report that their marriages are happier and stronger.


Aim to improve yourself, and your marriage will improve too. 

9. Learn from other successful relationships

Those who have not witnessed other happy marriages or committed relationships often struggle with these relationships.

Remember that your example will give future generations a framework for their success.


10. Remember that anything is possible

If you want to enjoy a thriving marriage, you must put in the time to nurture your relationship. This will not occur organically any more than your next raise or promotion. Pinpoint your goals and put in the work to achieve them.

Ultimately, the power to transform your marriage is in your hands. It is the result of the actions you take, for you have considerable power over your thoughts and attitudes.

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Dr. Lisa Webb is the author of the Executive Marriage Solution: Translating Boardroom Success into Bedroom Bliss. She is also an entrepreneur, President and CEO of Body & Mind Consulting, and Chief Relationship Officer at Executive Relationship Advisor.