14 Things Couples In Sweet, Stable Relationships Do To Deepen Their Love

Your relationship will thrive as a result.

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While the stability of being in a long-term romantic relationship or marriage feels amazing, taking it for granted could be a big mistake. It leaves one or both of you feeling neglected and resentful as you're no longer getting your needs met.

No one likes to be last on their partner's priority list, and when either partner feels that way, it can lead to an unhappy marriage, infidelity or divorce. But rather than letting your relationship start to crumble, there are several things to do as a couple that will help you fall even more deeply in love as time goes on.


Here are 14 things couples in stable relationships do to deepen their love.

1. Take time to be alone together with no kids and no distractions.

Turn off your phones. Put all your other responsibilities — work, chores — on the backburner. Focus on staying in the moment, with the people you love most. When you have nothing distracting you, you're able to be more present.

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2. Clear your schedule and spend time being intimate.

Hang out in bed for the day and renew your pair bonding. Spend a few hours just being with one another, touching and getting close.

3. Light candles and snuggle.

There's nothing more romantic than turning off the lights, getting snug on the couch, and lighting a few candles for ambiance. You can watch a movie, channel surf, or opt for no television while you get comfortable in one another's arms.

4. Reenact your first date.

Think back to the first date you had together and do everything you can to recreate it. Did you go for dinner and a movie? Did you decide to keep it casual and grab a drink at a local bar? Maybe you went for fast food and just hung out at home. No matter what you did, spend a night reliving the moment you connected.


5. Cook dinner together.

Studies have found that there are many benefits to couples cooking together, including improving intimacy and commitment, strengthening communication, and building teamwork. Plus, you get a delicious meal at the end of it.

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6. Tell them how much you appreciate them in specific ways.

Say something like, "Thank you for taking care of..." or "I appreciate that you..." Words of affirmation like this are sure to make your partner feel deeply loved, appreciated, and attached to you.

7. Have dinner at the dining room table.

Eat together with no phones, no TV, and no other distractions. Talk about things you haven't thought to discuss in ages. Get to know one another again.

8. Pick a game they like and play it together, just the two of you.

Do they enjoy playing cards or a board game? Dig the game out of the closet and set it up so the two of you can play. Complement the game with a nice dinner and drinks to foster an even deeper connection.

9. Put your phones on 'do not disturb.'

Phones often cause unnecessary distractions which can, in turn, lead to a divide in your relationship. Make it a point to remove that distraction so you can deepen your love. Ignore texts, notifications and calls while you have a date night, focusing only on one another.




10. Be present for your partner.

Your relationship should be your top priority. All your other responsibilities come second to your partner. While everyone else may be vying for your time and attention, when you take the time to stay present with your partner, you'll only grow closer.

11. Tell them you love them and why.

Your partner may know that you love them through your actions, but sometimes, the words "I love you" are just what they need to hear. But rather than just those three words, tell them, "I love you because..." and include all the reasons you fell for them in the first place.

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12. Let them know you need them.

Everyone needs to hear how wonderful and needed they are from time to time. While, yes, you need them for taking out the garbage and putting the kids to bed, let them know just how much you truly need them.

13. Make them your priority.

Couples sometimes lose connection and intimacy when the hustle and bustle of daily life gets in the way. But at the end of every day, remind yourself that your partner is your priority. What could be sexier than knowing they are number one in your life?

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14. Tell them you love them and why — yes, again.

Make telling them you love them and why a part of your daily life. Remind them every day just how much you love and adore them, and why you continue to fall in love with them as time goes on.

Stable, loving relationships must be built and then nurtured.

Nothing stands the test of time without some maintenance and repair. Don't wait until relationship issues become deal-breakers before you start learning how to save your marriage.


Remember what brought you together and nurture that spark regularly, no matter what stage your relationship is in. Let the person you love know how important they are to you and be sure not to take them or the relationship for granted.

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Susan K. Edwards is an author, psychic medium, speaker, Reiki master, energy healer, and accomplished author of seven published books, including "Smudging: Clear Negative Energy From Your Home & Life" and "Surrender."​