5 Sweet Questions To Ask The Man You Love To Make Him Feel Seen & Appreciated

You'll capture his heart forever when you make him feel loved.

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Would you like to put your relationship on a definite path to bliss but you're not sure where to start? If you want to make a man feel loved, it's simpler than you think.

Ask a man and he will tell you that underneath it all, he wants to feel respected, appreciated, acknowledged, trusted, supported, and understood. Starting with these questions to ask a man can be game-changing for your relationship. Because the more you ask, the more profoundly you love.


Here are 5 sweet questions to ask the man you love to make him feel appreciated and seen.

1. 'How was your day?'

In the craziness of life, it's easy to get lost in our own stuff and overlook how our partner is doing.



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When he gets home from work, after he settles in, ask him about his day. Listen to his accomplishments and praise them. Tell him you're proud of him, cheer him on, or talk through a problem that came up. Just listen intently without offering solutions to any problems that may have come up.

Why this makes a man feel loved: When you ask him about his day, it tells him you care about his everyday life and what matters to him in regards to it. Asking this question lets him know that you're there at the end of it all to be his champion, and that he's your hero every single day.

2. 'What can I do to make your day great?'

Make every day extraordinary, not just Valentine's Day, his birthday, or your anniversary.

Often, it's the small things you can do for your significant other that make a difference. It could be 30 minutes of alone time, an errand, a drink, something delicious to eat, a massage, or some other pleasurable activity.


Listen to what it is that he truly wants. It could even be a hug or a kiss from you to show your support.

Why this makes a man feel loved: It shows him that you want to take care of him the same way he takes care of you, and that he's special to you.

3. 'What's going on for you?'

When you sense unusual quietness or frustration from your guy, stop. Pay attention. Seek to know what he's experiencing at that moment, without judgment. When he responds, say, "Tell me more."



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Convey that you know he's got it under control and doesn't need you to solve anything for him. Still, you're there for him.

Why this makes a man feel loved: It tells him that you notice and that you're listening, and that what he's feeling and thinking are important to you.

4. 'How can I better support you in your life?'

Do you stand by your man and his activities? He wants a woman who will encourage his start-up business, hobbies, guys' night out, or going to the gym.

Maybe he will tell you that you've been nagging him about being out every Monday or undermining his confidence. He might ask you to take on more at home temporarily to alleviate his stress.


All in all, he's more likely to be a success when he feels taken seriously and that you're on his team.

Why this makes a man feel loved: It tells him that you're interested in what he does, that you respect him for who he is, and that you support his pursuits, even if they're not your thing.

5. 'How can I love you best?'

Once you've mastered the previous questions, ask him this one and let him define for himself how he wants to be loved. Nobody knows better than your man how you can love him most.

Asking this question cultivates trust, deepens your connection, and empowers him. The bottom line is, you won't know until you ask.



Why this makes a man feel loved: It shows him that you see and honor him as a unique person with his own needs.


Start posing these simple yet meaningful and sweet questions, and watch how they strengthen your bond and redefine your relationship. Then, listen for more opportunities for powerful questioning and grab hold of them.

Your partner will receive your heartfelt messages, and you'll be well on your way to making him feel eternally loved.

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Lisa Petsinis is a certified life and career coach and self-proclaimed highly sensitive person, working with individuals and couples to reach their relationship goals, build lasting life skills like confidence and resilience, and create more joy and meaning.