14 Subtle Things You Can Do To Make Him Wildly Desire You

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We all know there are major ways how to get a guy to like you and catch his interest, but the subtle things you can do to make him want you more matter just as much and are sometimes more intriguing. 

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Like the saying, "Less is more," sometimes a bit of gentle coaxing, mystery, or flirtation can get the mind, body, and heart hungering for a whole lot more. It can leave room for him to build more feelings for you and for you to decide how much of you that he deserves.

It can leave you room to decide how you feel about him. And heck, it can just be a lot of fun! Creating sexual tension is exciting, after all.

Here are 14 subtle things you can do to make him wildly desire you:

1. Don't give everything away

Tell a sexy story or describe an erotic time you may have had before... to a point. When he wants to know more of your story, he will tell him now is not the time to tell him anything else but you will one day. Make him wait and don't give away the punch line. Let his mind wander as much as possible. He will be very intrigued.

2. Wear sexy date attire

A hint of shoulders. A show of leg. A glimpse of cleavage. Showing enough to let his mind imagine is an easy way to get him wondering how he can get a better look at "all of you" and keep him wanting more of you.

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3. Let him chase you

Don't play games, but let him chase. Say yes to dates when he asks you, but if he dares to ask last-minute or hastily in a way that says you were last-minute plans, make yourself unavailable. If he is a gentleman and asks in advance, say yes and show interest, but let him lead the dance for now.

It makes him invested and shows that you will not just drop everything for him. Doing this is an easy way to make him want to know who this gem of a woman truly is.

4. End the night at the door

Everyone wants a little "something, something" but making him wait for it a little won't hurt. There's a thing called "sexual tension" and creating a bit will make him more invested in you and your chemistry.

This is not the same as wielding sex as a weapon — that is NOT a good idea. In this case, it's letting him prove to you that he's wanting all of you and also giving you time to decide if he's worth undressing for. So even if you are hot and bothered, hold him off at that door.

5. Pressing up against him

Lean your body into his for a quick press and then move away. He's imagining right that second how it would feel if you had lingered a little bit longer.

6. Run your fingers through his hair

You love when it's done to you, and a little scalp massage for him will make him a little weak at the knees as well. It's a sexy but easy gesture to do without hopping in the sack all too quickly.

7. Engage in mild sexy talk

Talking or texting him overtly sexual messages will clearly get him pumped, but when you make it sexy but more subdued, it means he has to wonder: Is she being serious? What is she doing right now? Did she mean that or is she being flirty? Suddenly, his brain is wired to learn more.

8. Practice restraint

I don't mind restraints as in, chains and whips, but save that stuff for later on while his teeth are sunken into you. What I mean is holding back sexually. This is hard if you're a very bad girl. In this case, don't bother trying. But if you've got some self-control, it's worth it to halt the action after some intense making out and foreplay.

This gesture is key when you're not sure about sleeping with him but you're down to play. Showing some restraint and upping the ante bit by bit each time you see him is very hot. That dog will want your bone.

9. Give him a massage, but end it abruptly

Give him the full body massage and then say it's time to go. Or vice versa. Let him massage you and then suddenly, the alarm is going off. It definitely gets the blood pumping.

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10. Use your eyes

Maybe it's a look at dinner. Maybe it's when you say goodbye for the day or evening. A little sexy and sultry look can make men absolutely crazy. Enjoy it! Let him squirm a bit.

11. Tease him with time restraints

Do you have somewhere to be, or maybe he does? That's when you can mention, as one or both of you are leaving, how you forgot your panties. Or how horny you are. Or how, by the way, all you've been thinking about all day is his piece.

12. Don't give him straight answers

When he asks you if you've ever done a certain sexual position or experimented sexually by doing X, Y or Z, tell him you can't answer just yet. And then don't answer for a while.

13. Send him selfies

Maybe you send him a photo with slight cleavage or just a leg shot or bare shoulders. Not brazenly saying, here is my naked everything, but just... did you see this beautiful glance of skin? Yes, he will eat that up.

14. Tell him what you like

Tell him how you'd love to tell him what you like, sexually. As you start down your list, you can suddenly clam up and say, "When I'm ready for you to practice on me, I'll tell you more." Oh, won't he be a begging man at that point? Yes!

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