The Strangely Adorable Reason Couples In Love Complete Each Other’s Sentences

How in sync are you and your lover?

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Have you ever felt that romantic, almost mystical feeling when you're dating someone (or you're in love) and the conversation between you flows so easily that you start completing each other's sentences? It feels like you’re on the same wavelength or can read each other’s minds. You tell yourself this is a sign the two of you are "meant to be."  It feels magical, even spiritual like two soulmates finding one another across the far-reaching cosmos. But believe it or not, that connection isn’t just woo-woo stuff, there’s a pretty cool scientific explanation for it.


First, the warm tingle you feel snapping between you two is electric currents flashing up and down your spine and racing around your body. This electricity triggers those infamous love chemicals, like oxytocin, to flood your bloodstream. 

Second, the magnetism you feel pulling like hot taffy between you is also real. It's the energy of your two hearts communicating through one blended field. Your energies travel, via invisible currents and waves, and come together as one ocean of energy between you and your significant other. 

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Your electromagnetic field intersects with his before your physical bodies even touch

This is "the spark" you feel when you first meet someone. You think about their field and sense whether it is similar to (or compatible with) your own. Quite simply: Similar energies feel "in synch" or attractive, while energies that are very different feel "off" or "negative." So when this occurs — when your energy waves and someone’s energy waves synch with one another (the peaks and valleys of the waves match up) — you are "on the same wavelength," and begin to resonate with one another.

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Pretty cool, right? That "resonance" (or energy vibrating in harmony together) may feel magical, but it is a very real energy state. The united energy allows you to sense what the other person is thinking before he or she says it. It's like you each have music playing in your body. Your G-string quivers and makes his quiver, no matter the distance between you. Or you could say it this way: Both bodies seem to tune into the same radio station and play the same song at the same time.

This flow and exchange of energetic information between you also appears to be involved with those ESP or telepathic moments, like when you both dial each other on the phone at the same time in the middle of your work day. Or, you both start to say the same thing at the same time after you’ve been sitting together on the couch in silence for some time. In each of these moments, you're simply energetically in tune and resonating with your loved one.

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Not only does this sort of telepathy work with couples in love, but with any two or more people whose energy resonates with one another (e.g. your BFF, a sibling you're very close to, even coworkers who feel the same passion for the work they're doing). 

So, next time your honey completes the sentence you were about to utter, notice how in synch you two are at that moment. That's the power of love at work. And hey, knowing the science behind WHY it happens shouldn't make it feel any less magical. It should help you know for sure that your love is real. 

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Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC, is a holistic/integrative counselor and coach, and is the author of Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness