3 Solid Reasons Divorced Men Make Better Boyfriends

He's already marriage material.

Last updated on Jun 28, 2024

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A 2019 study conducted by the Marriage Foundation revealed a surprising statistic: although 45 percent of marriages end in divorce, only 31 percent of second marriages fail. This got me thinking. As a 30-something, single gal looking to settle down, I may have been searching the wrong path. Maybe the assumption that divorce equals baggage contradicts the actual truth of the matter. I pondered this article for quite some time and ultimately decided that perhaps divorced men do make better boyfriends


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Here are 3 solid reasons divorced men make better boyfriends:

1. He won't want to fail again

Remember the episode of Friends when Ross' neurosis hits an all-time high at the prospect of a second (and then a third) divorce? This fear can serve as a strong motivator to get it right the second time around. I would venture to guess that men are more willing to do the work and keep their relationships strong, fulfilling, and everlasting. Besides, at least he was charming enough to have a woman marry him the first time, so he must be doing something right.

@heyqueenkae When to start dating after divorce 🤷‍♀️After my divorce I jumped right into another relationsip and dated him for a year 🤦‍♀️ I really don’t recommend that🫠 But live and learn, right?After that I took some time and just focused on me! 💕 If you do the work to heal and become your best self, then you’ll know. You’ll be confident in yourself and you’ll be ready, because you’ll trust that through the dating process you don’t have to be scared. Because no matter what, you’ve got your back! 💪 That timing is different for everyone. But if you focus on bettering yourself, you’ll find peace and you’ll feel it, and know 😘 Hope this helps! Have a great day!#datingafterdivorce #divorecedparents #divorceisnottheend #divorceadvice #datingdivorced #motivationforyourday #motivationadvice ♬ Hope (2 Min Edit) - Max Farrar

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2. He's learned from his mistakes

Relationships are learning experiences and when one endures the finality of divorce, he is forced to reflect upon his actions. Perhaps he learned to listen more or spend less time at the office and has since changed his ways. This may be too late for the relationship in question, but it bodes well for the next woman in his life. He can take the time to learn from his mistakes because it takes two people to end a marriage, and he can bring those next lessons into his relationship with you.

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3. He is open to commitment

I have dated my fair share of eligible bachelors over the last year who ran at the teensiest sign of commitment. My latest mishap, Mr. Smooth got antsy committing to a Saturday night so I venture to guess settling down for the rest of his life is a bit out of the question. Needless to say, our courtship was short-lived but the fear of meeting man after man who was sewing his oats throughout his thirties stayed with me. A divorced man is at his core, most likely open to marriage and commitment which is vital for a healthy and happy relationship. 

Final Disclaimer: I urge all of you single ladies out there to give divorced men a chance. After all, their experiences may enhance your relationship. However, proceed with caution if the divorce is fairly recent. A meaningful relationship with a man who has learned from his mistakes is one thing, serving as someone’s rebound from a hurtful experience is quite another.

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Jodi Longo is a former love and relationship expert.