3 Sly Ways To Be The Kind Of Girl All Guys Want

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How to make him want you is a common issue many women ponder. Some women do this because they see men they like and want them to reciprocate. Others do it because they can't get the guy they like to fully commit to them, even after weeks or months of dating.

Of course, some simply do it because they grow tired of being single. They're going back into the dating scene with a vengeance, and they're not coming back until they get their catch. But, whatever the reason you want him to want you doesn't really matter.

The answer is always the same, but it's not exactly clear-cut. How to make him want you isn't as simple as being funny, smart, or having a great body. Really, it's a combo of multiple factors — factors that are irresistible to the average red-blooded male.

Here are 3 ways to be the kind of girl all guys want:

1. Believe it or not —​ play hard to get

Being a tease, being deceitful, and playing mind games or hard to get as many pseudonyms (most of them unflattering). But, the fact of the matter is that women play hard to get for one reason: because it works.

This isn't to say you should never give him the time of day or send him signals and, once he reacts to them, shut him down completely. Rather, it involves not throwing yourself at him, particularly in a desperate manner. Desperation is like skinny jeans — it only looks good on a small number of people.

The reason being a bit aloof is a successful way to make him want you to have to do with human nature. We're naturally programmed to want what we can't have. If he thinks he can't have you, he'll want and appreciate you more once he actually does get you.

2. Flatter him with your attention 

Of course, with playing hard to get you must also balance giving him actual attention. This is, sometimes, one of the trickiest things about figuring out how to make him want you. Yet, it's not impossible to do.

Attention is important because it shows that you're interested in him. Perhaps, that's enough to make him want you back. So, ask him about himself — what he likes, what he doesn't, his job, his passions, his hobbies, etc. 

Don't be afraid to ask him for advice or help. There's a reason that men love to rescue the damsel in distress. It makes them feel good to take care of you. But, while you're giving him attention, remember the hard-to-get factor.

Don't give him too much. Calling him three days after your date to tell him you had a good time is fine. Texting him every three hours and asking him to label your relationship after dating for five minutes is not.

3. Be fun and easy-going 

Women, by nature, are typically a bit more dramatic than men. Not all, but many. In fact, drama plays a large role in why men become turned off.

Most males don't like any drama unless it stars Bruce Willis. Thus, as default, they are going to feel more drawn (read: attracted) to women who give off an easy-going vibe, rather than a vibe that screams "willing to reenact pretty much every single scene from Fatal Attraction." Still, this doesn't mean that you need to adopt a completely nonchalant personality by never telling your feelings or venting your frustrations.

What it does mean is that you need to respect his independence. In other words, don't be a stage five clinger. Reel in any jealousy you may feel. The latter is especially true in the beginning before you've had the talk about exclusivity. If you play it cool, you just might find that your relationship quickly heats up.

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