8 Sweet Signs A Dog Gives When They Love Your Partner — And Wants You To Keep Them Around

Let your pup give them the sniff test.

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Many women have a bad track record when it comes to choosing the right person to date. But when you have an ace in the hole, who knows what a keeper looks like? Your personal "tell it like it is," but with a tail (and cheaper). It's your dog!

Your furry friend can potentially predict an earthquake and even sniff a bomb out at an airport, so it should come as no surprise that your dog can determine if the person you are dating is a keeper or not. Your dog can sniff out whether they are a good match.


Knowing the clues to look for can tell you if your dog dislikes your partner, or if your dog truly likes your partner and thinks they are worth keeping around.

Here are 8 signs your dog loves your boyfriend or girlfriend

1. Their tail wags a certain way

A dog's tail tells all! A wag is a "yay" vote, but a stiff tail between the legs is a big "nay." Same deal if your dog's ears are pinned back. This means you're about to have sushi with a bad match for you, so reconsider your choice.



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2. They don't growl or show their teeth

If your dog encounters a person at the park and bears their teeth or starts snarling, you've got a problem. Dedicated to protecting you, dogs know a bad egg when they see one. If your pooch feels threatened, throw a stick and both of you run in the opposite direction.

3. They sniff your partner's crotch

A polite sniff of the crotch is an overwhelming stamp of approval. A crotch bite, on the other hand, is a double loss for your person. Though it may feel uncomfortable for the person being sniffed, it's an indicator that your dog likes their company.

4. They offer a sweet lick

If your dog is licking your potential mate by the third date, consider it a good sign. If that lick of approval happens on the first date, get this person to the jewelers as soon as possible.

8 Signs Your Dog Loves Your Boyfriend Or GirlfriendPhoto: Success media via Shutterstock


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5. They play fetch

There's much to gain by observing the interactions between a stick, your dog, and your potential suitor. Your date throws the stick? That's a great sign! They show an interest in your dog. The thing is, this doesn't tell you how your dog feels about them.

Does your dog fetch the stick? If so, your pooch is cool with leaving you temporarily. Next, watch to see who your dog brings the stick back to. Your person? You've got a keeper. You? The jury is still out — throw the stick again.

If your dog fetches per usual, enough trust exists for your new person to leave you alone with them for a minute. But if your dog stays put and they get the stick? You're likely dating a mismatch.


6. They sit on a specific side of the car

Your date picks you up and invites you and your dog to get an ice cream. So far, so good. Look in the backseat and see which side your pooch chooses. If it's your date's side, your dog is comfortable being close to your person. Rest well, as you can match that comfort.

Of course, it could also mean that the airflow is better on the tongue on that side when your dog's head is out the window. If your dog sticks to your side of the car, for now, proceed with caution.

dog 8 Signs Your Dog Loves Your Boyfriend Or GirlfriendPhoto: Justin F Woome via Shutterstock


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7. They greet your partner at the door

What is your dog's general reaction when your person pulls up to your door? Is it doggy jubilation or does your four-legged friend go fetal in the corner?

Your dog should have a desire to hop all over the person at your dog if this person is as great as you think they are.

8. The Solo Walk Test

Perhaps everything has been checked out so far. But this is the big test. It's time for your partner's solo challenge with your furry best friend. Send them out together, give your person a poop bag, and watch through the window.


If they are "the one," they'll get along just fine. If your dog is walking them, you know your dog has no respect for this person. But if your dog is well-behaved and healing, your partner exudes strength and confidence. If your dog does their business in front of your person, your dog is very comfortable and you've picked a winner worth keeping.



It's time to stop relying on your friends and family to determine if your person is a keeper, and start trusting the only being on earth who loves you unconditionally.

Your dog has senses that are far superior than we mere humans will ever have, so why not take advantage of them by putting your person through these dog approval tests?


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Gregg Michaelsen is a best-selling author and one of Boston's top dating coaches. He has appeared on ABC, Fox, The Good Men Project, NBC, and more.