The Real Reason You Need To Stay Away From Hot Guys, Says Science

This is why you should date a nerd, ladies.

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I'll be honest with you. I have a type. This type doesn't have a specific skin color or height requirement, but you will probably be able to picture some type of version of this person when I say it.

Ready? My type is the nerdy guy, and that's because the hot guy is kind of terrible.

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Think about it! Adam Levine, Terence Howard, John Mayer, and so many of the "hot guy" celebrities are total womanizers.


Cute, nerdy guys like Donald Glover, Chris Hardwick, and Rupert Grint who are known more for their personalities seem so much friendlier —  therefore hotter!

The real reason you need to stay away from hot guys, according to science

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According to psychologists, I'm not the only one who has noticed the difference between hot guys and nerdy guys.

"The study didn't just show that men with more attractive bodies have behavior and attitudes that are less altruistic or egalitarian; it also showed that men (and women) with more attractive bodies are perceived by other people as being less altruistic or egalitarian," revealed co-author of the study, Michael Price to Mic.

Basically what it all comes down to is that attractive people don't have to work as hard for acceptance by others, so altruism (caring for others) is not a needed quality for them. Therefore they might be more self-centered. Also because attractive people tend to get benefits out of inequality, they are more likely to support keeping things unbalanced.

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A research team from Brunel University came to this conclusion after finding 125 men and women and getting them to take tests. The tests found how they share money, their thoughts on inequality, and whether they prefer socialism or capitalism.

They also created 3-D models of these participants so they can measure body features like height, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio.

On average women were more egalitarian than men, and the men who were egalitarian were less attractive than those who aren't.

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This certainly isn't very surprising once you take note of how beneficial being attractive is in society. We sadly live in a world where morbidly obese women who have a job that requires communicating with customers will earn almost five percent less than their average-sized counterparts.


If you found out you were earning more simply because of your build and not because of your skills would you be willing to change things? According to this study, you would not.

So it looks like I'll just stick to my nerdy, funny guys if I want a partner that is for equality. In my opinion, that sounds hotter to me.

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