9 Small (But Very Telling) Things That Change After Just One Year Together

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Congratulations on having crossed one year mark of your relationship!

Now that you are celebrating your first relationship anniversary, it's a good time to stop and consider the future, isn't it?

It is not easy to be with the same person for 52 weeks. If you have made it to this point, it's a pretty good sign that your feelings for each other are soul-to-soul

You and your better half feel the same way, and you are on the same page about wanting to last even longer!

With that in mind, you are likely wondering what will change once you're together more than one year. Here are a few things to look out for. 

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Nine small things that change after a year — that mean you've got a future together

1. Your ultimate comfort levels.

When you first start dating, every little thing is a big deal. From combing your hair to brushing your teeth in front of each other can make you crazy.

Fast forward to a year in the relationship, and now you're doing these things regularly! Sitting together on the couch watching Netflix and spending the day in t-shirts and slippers without any make-up are all comfortable.

Couples who have spent 365 days together don't mind farting, burping, and sleep-talking in front of each other. 

2. Sweeter, more personal gifts. 

After one year of relationship and staying with each other as a couple, there's no more getting each other a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Flowers, bouquets, and chocolates are all sweet gestures, but they are no longer the most practical (or thoughtful) presents to get.

Now that you have been a couple for one complete year, the gifts are more valuable things. 

Although you're still very much in love and want to show it, you are also very aware of each other's likes and dislikes. You know enough about your partners' necessities. So, gifts like a key chain or the sunglasses you broke last month are more appreciative than flowers. 

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3. An interest in all the things you truly value.

Being in love demands making your partner happy. Your boyfriend may not care about your favorite book, but he'll listen to you and imagine the fiction novel scenes with you. 

Fast forward to one year, and you'll become interested to read your partner's favorite book. Your loving partner already makes efforts to know all the reviews of your favorite book!

Even if you don't get each other's obsession, you both are happy to have shared it. You have done things for each other that you never thought you would and now willingly do for each other.

4. A profound level of understanding.

Celebrating the first anniversary is a great thing! After being together for one year, you guys know why the other is acting a certain way without having to say anything.

Understanding and feelings are more than words. You understand each other's emotions just by looking at their eyes. And you know what they want just by reading between the lines.

You may not need to be with each other 24/7 or even see each other for weeks. Connectivity is now deeply rooted in your hearts and souls.

5. No more anxiety about date planning.

When you were a new couple, date plans had to be perfect. But, with time, dates become simple, sometimes as simple as sleeping together on a couch! There's no need for a more exciting date than the one you planned. 

Planning a dinner and movie date was once scary and funny for you. As the relationship lengthened, you felt less anxious about making plans. Now, you're both so comfortable with each other's company that making plans to hang out in expensive restaurants isn't necessary.

There are fewer considerations about where to go and what to do because you already know what the other one is into.

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6. Your differences grow and change. 

Now that you have lived together for a year, you very well notice how your partner is different from other people. He told you he hates a big breakfast but gets cranky if he doesn't have breakfast.

Your partner doesn't like sports as much as you do, but cheers for your favorite team from the couch. So, time in a relationship can bridge any differences between you two.

7. Long-term goals get real.

The beginning of the relationship is very different from the first anniversary. After a year together, it becomes clear that it's going to be a long ride! You and your partner have plans that are becoming more specific. 

When he said, "I want to live in Mumbai with you" or "I am planning a cruise together," it might have seemed vague — you didn't have an idea how long your relationship would last. But after one year together, this talk becomes real. The two of you are dreaming with each other and making plans together.

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8. Dating rules don't apply.

When you first met, dating meant only one thing — boyfriend and girlfriend. One year into the same relationship, 'dating' is not a severe thing anymore.

Now, that you have been together and known each other for a year, dating seems too casual. No long calls or drives/flights to see each other, you're truly together now. 

9. You can't imagine life without them.

Yes, you are now able to see yourself growing old with your partner. This is an important sign that you are in a relationship you want to last forever. When you learn to celebrate your small couple goals together, it is time to start something beautiful! 

One year into the relationship, and nothing matters to you more than your partner; you're thinking about the future. Life without your partner is impossible, and you both know it.

By celebrating your first anniversary, you and your partner have already ticked the "blooming phase." It's high time you start to get used to each other in every way. And this is what makes a relationship healthy. One year is a milestone, a worthwhile achievement; celebrate it with your partner!

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