7 Old-School Love Letters Every Woman Should Write To Her Man

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Writing love letters isn’t just for Louisa May Alcott's novels or period pieces about the Civil War. Love letters are a real and wonderful way to spice up your relationship, remind your man of the ways you love him, and bring the two of you closer together.

See, relationships are usually intense at the beginning without any effort. You feel lots of butterflies in your stomach, the sex is amazing, and the two of you want to spend every second together learning what makes the other one tick. But eventually, this passion fades into a simpler (though ultimately more enjoyable) sense of camaraderie and love.

While there’s nothing wrong with this state of affairs, it can be a little harder to keep that passionate fire burning after the “honeymoon phase” has passed you by. The truth is, keeping your love life fun and interesting takes work. That’s where love letters for him come in.

Writing a love letter for him might not be something you would normally think of doing if it isn’t a holiday or his birthday. But no matter what time of year, most men like to receive a good love letter just the same as women.

Love letters are sweet and charming, are usually entertaining because everyone likes to read about himself or herself, and they can soothe the ache of missing someone, even if it’s just because you’re apart at work.

Plus, love letters are a pretty major act of, well... love. They take serious time to write, especially if you pen them by hand rather than typing them and printing them out. There’s something special about a love letter that has your handwriting on it, folded in an envelope and addressed to him, then sent through the mail or tucked into his lunch.

However you go about it, love letters can make him feel special and loved when he needs it most. Let’s take a look at a few types of love letters you might consider.

Here are 7 old-school love letters every woman should write to her man:

1. The “life without you” letter

Ideally, a love letter for him should make him feel like your one and only, like you can’t possibly live without him or reach your full happiness when he isn’t there. This isn’t the same as being clingy or needy, of course; it’s just an admission that you are most content when he’s near.

This love letter should include descriptions of the little things you miss when he’s gone: his touch, the things he says, his Quesadilla recipe, snuggling with him while watching a movie, and so on. Paint a picture of how pleasant life is when he’s next to you, and contrast that with the life you live when he’s gone. Everyone wants to feel needed, and this is a good way to give him that feeling.

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2. The future plans letter

Love letters are a fun way to imagine the future. Tell your man about the dreams you have and use a lot of detail. No matter where you are in your relationship, there are bound to be things you’re looking forward to.

It doesn’t matter if that’s getting your first pet having a child or buying a house; as long as they’re your dreams, together, he’ll enjoy reading about them.

3. The intimate dream letter

This love letter for him can’t go wrong. Most guys love reading about dirty stuff, and what better place to spill your guts than in a love letter he can treasure forever?

Of course, this potentially embarrassing revelation of secrets means you need to really trust him, but if you guys have been together for a while, you most likely do. Lastly, don't forget to make it clear that it could happen again.

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4. The “Remember that one time?” letter

Sometimes love letters are just a great place for funny or tender reminiscences. If you have a fun story you both love, enjoy reliving vacation memories, or frequently regale each other with stories of an infamous party, a love letter can be just the place to do it and give him a laugh.

5. The reasons you love him letter

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!” Sure, that’s a famous sonnet, but you can do your own version in this love letter for him. Just keep listing off the reasons you love him, from his willingness to do chores to the smell of his cologne. He’s bound to enjoy reading about it.

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6. The “When I first met you” letter

Everyone loves a good meeting story, or “meet cute,” as Woody Allen would call it. This is the story of how you spilled hot soup on him at a diner, or how he walked into your office demanding to see your superior, or the two of you both tried to grab the same sandwich in the grocery store. Sometimes the story’s a bit lamer than that (and sometimes it’s more exciting), but everyone likes to hear it anyway.

Believe it or not, he would love to hear it as well, and a love letter is a perfect place in which to tell it. Just be sure to tell him details he doesn’t already know: what you noticed first about him, what you were thinking, how hot you thought he looked, and so on. Make it as compelling a tale when you tell it to him as you would if you were telling your girlfriends for the first time.

7. The all about him letter

When it comes right down to it, love letters are for the other person, so making it all about him is what all of these letters are about. This love letter idea is a bit more literal, though: Really make it all about him.

Tell him stories about him, for instance. Share your thoughts about him, or pass on compliments others have given you about him. Ask him questions about his life, pose scenarios for him to answer, and generally make the entertainment level high. Because, hey, sometimes love letters are just a really fun way to spend your time. Or, at least, they should be.

When written with love for the man you care about, love letters are a powerful vessel of your passion and feeling. They help convey things that are harder or more complicated to say in person and keep the two of you close when you can’t be together physically.

Love letters also provide a treasured keepsake for him to tuck away in a memory box or corner of his closet, that he can take out and look at when he’s feeling blue.

In other words, love letters can keep your relationship strong over the long haul and are therefore a useful tool as well as a nice way to show your man how much you care. Create a letter-writing practice to help you engage on a more intimate level with your man, and watch your relationship blossom as a result.

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Sean Jameson is a sex coach and creator of the Bad Girl's Bible, a resource for women who are looking to improve their intimate lives and have more fun with their partners.