4 Not-So-Obvious Ways Women Push Men Away In Relationships

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By James Woodruff

Love is one area of a man’s life in which he’s weak more than he’s strong. Many of our actions in relationships are born out of the need to impress or satisfy a woman.

As years pass and we move through the more intense phases of a relationship, we carry the load of protecting the woman we gave our hearts to. Relationship advice tells us to put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to maintain an impenetrable coat of armor.

Behind that stoicism is the real truth that no man can take the look of disappointment or hurt in a woman’s eyes. Not if he has a soul.

Here’s the thing though — women seldom consider the idea that emotional security is a two-way street.

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Most of the intangibles that a man needs from a woman go unsaid simply because not much is expected from women on that front. We may not speak of it, but we have certain areas that, if left unfulfilled, can hurt.

4 Not-So-Obvious Ways Women Push Men Away In Relationships

1. Complaining when he’s showing honest effort

As adults who gain wisdom with experience and age, we’re better at knowing what we don’t want. Some things are common knowledge, like checking in after a night out or remembering to buy a card and flowers for Valentine’s Day. Other things, men need the time to learn.

It’s unfair for a woman to assume a man “should just know” how to be in a relationship with her. If the man is trying to learn you, don’t be so quick to bite his head off if it takes him some time. If necessary, make it easier for him and give him a cheat code.

2. Being afraid of initiating intimacy

Women have no qualms about openly lusting over guys like David Beckham, Idris Elba, and any other attractive celebrity. But why is it so difficult to outwardly compliment your man? Not those superficial “babe you look nice today” comments either.

Do you know how it turns you on for your man to look at you and lick his lips like he’s ready to devour you? News flash! We want and need to know that you find us sexy. It means something to have the woman you love to desire you with the same intensity that you desire her.

3. Not letting him express himself on his terms

In relationships, men usually try to avoid confrontation because they prefer peace and quiet. Disagreements and arguments are a part of romantic relationships. For some women, they spend so much of their time outside of the house being silenced and demeaned that in the home they can come across as unnecessarily combative with their men.

When things are calm, a man’s silence is read as being disengaged and apathetic. That’s not necessarily true. You can’t force meaningful conversation out of your man. But when he is ready to open up, make sure that you’ve created a comfortable space for him to do so freely.

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4. Not being present in the present moments

For as much as society says that we’re all attached to our phones, social media, and other distractions, women somehow sidestep that blame in relationships.

In my previous relationship, my significant other had a different schedule than I. So I’d purposely make sure that I’d get enough work done and handle whatever I had on my to-do list to be available when she needed me. We tried our best to share that schedule.

With more women working outside of the home and being the household’s sole breadwinner, their plates are overflowing. They’re wearing many hats and intimacy with their boyfriend or husband might be the area that falls to the wayside.

Men can feel abandoned and neglected too. Although we’ll never beg for more time because it’s hard to see the woman we love killing herself to be all things at once. Chalk that up to ego or to a man being compassionate.

Just know that your man needs you to make time for him where he isn’t sharing you with something else mentally or emotionally.

The male ego is fragile. That doesn’t infer it needs to be stroked constantly. Protecting a man’s heart the way he does yours begins with you understanding that beyond that facade, every man is capable of being hurt by a woman they truly love.

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James Woodruff is a 30-something struggling Christian who's not too proud to admit his failures. Bsit his personal blog, 30s and Beyond.

This article was originally published at The Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.