Men With These 5 Personality Traits Are The Least Likely To Break Your Heart

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When it comes to finding love and romantic relationships, there's never a guarantee that someone you meet — whether on dating apps, through friends or just randomly while you're out and about — will be honest with you about who they really are.

Even if you don't have lingering trust issues like so many men and women do these days, it takes time to learn someone's personality traits and characteristics well enough to determine if they are worthy of your trust.

In fact, it’s often the people closest to us who have the capacity to hurt us the most. And every time you enter a new relationship, you entrust your boyfriend or girlfriend with your heart, so it’s no surprise you want to make sure you're giving it to a trustworthy person.

When it comes to breaking hearts, some men just don’t have it in them. Or at least, they would never cause a woman heartache intentionally.

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Here are five personality traits of men who are least likely to break your heart:

1. They are empathetic

When someone is genuinely interested in other people’s feelings, their actions are more considered. They think about the impact they have on their partners, so if they were tempted to cheat or lie, they’d think twice about how it would affect them first.

2. They are communicative

There’s no doubt that relationships can bring out a range of emotions in people, and if you can’t express them in a way that’s constructive, your partner won’t know what to make of them. This is especially important once you’re past the early stages of dating and the real challenges of relationships come into play.

Someone who can articulate their needs in a relationship can give you a clear understanding of what they need from you in nurturing your relationship. They know how to express their emotions, so there’s little room for misunderstanding.

As an example, my husband wears his heart on his sleeve. When he’s frustrated, he tells me exactly what’s bothering him. It could be as simple as him getting cranky because he hasn’t had enough sleep or frustrated because he has to clean up after our puppy again, but he will tell me so I always understand the root cause of his emotions.

When you date someone with solid communication skills, you always know where you stand, which means there are very few nasty surprises coming your way.

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3. They are patient

No one is perfect. No relationship is perfect. But a guy with patience will stick around to work out any kinks a relationship may have.

If he’s looking for a long-term relationship, he’ll take the time to nurture it. When the going gets tough (and sometimes, it will), he’ll stand by you and let you know you're safe.

Staying with a person when things are great is easy. It’s when challenges arise that you really see a person’s character. A guy who’s patient won’t run just because things get a little rocky.

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4. They are realistic

I’ve met a few men who’ve never been in long-term relationships before. These men seem like great catches on paper, and even when you first meet them in person you’re likely to think, "I can’t believe he's still single!"

But if you chat with them about their ideal relationship, you quickly see that what they’re looking for doesn’t exist.

I once dated someone who thought the perfect relationship is one without conflict. Every time he fought with a girlfriend, he’d second guess the relationship, believing great relationships don't include fights. Realists know that relationships take effort from both sides and that there will be challenges at times, and they are willing to stick through tough times.

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5. They are self-aware

Men who are self-aware know what they have to contribute to a relationship. If a conflict arises, they’re likely to reflect on their own part in the issues at hand. If there’s an argument or an ongoing issue, they look at what they can do to help resolve the issue. They drop their ego and recognize their own weaknesses, making them less likely to shift the blame on their partner and leave.

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Iona Yeung is a dating and relationship coach for single women who need a little guidance to attract the love they deeply crave.