5 Life-Changing Pieces Of Marital Wisdom From An Expert (You're Welcome!)

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In 2015, YourTango's CEO/Founder, Andrea Miller sat down with FOX News Radio to tackle all things related to love. In advance of the interview, we asked you to post your tough relationship questions on Facebook, and you really came through! Many of the questions were about marriage and how to make things work.

Here are five of the marriage tips that Miller gave with the help of radio show host, Vipp Jaswal.

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Here are 5 life-changing pieces of marital wisdom from Yourtango founder and CEO Andrea Miller:

1. Don't keep score or be stingy

When things are rough financially, you may want to hold onto every single dollar in your relationship. You're much more aware of who is paying for what and who is chipping in more with chores, but don't be!

"Let's splurge on the relationship! It's the most important thing [to] try this new experience," says Miller. Of course, don't break the bank. "We're not advocating to spend foolishly over here, but I feel like if people feel safe and secure then that's transformative across their lives."

2. Adjust your expectations

All your life you may have been picturing the perfect spouse and marriage, but what they mean by "marriage is hard work" doesn't actually hit you until you're in that life stage. Don't get discouraged, though, just adjust your expectations.

"Lowering expectations and exceeding and meeting the expectations [of the other person]," says radio show host, Vipp Jaswal.

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3. Getting a prenup is an individual's decision

Even if you already put a ring on it, it's not too late to draw up a prenuptial agreement, but should you?

"I think it's an individual's decision. My husband and I don't have it. It didn't even cross my mind. I don't think it crossed his mind. We were together for a long time, so when we finally decided to get married, we were in it 110 percent," says Miller. "That's what I'd advise for anybody. Make that determination ... what's ours [really is] ours."

4. Infidelity is a sign of a bigger problem — figure out what that is

Cheating is hurtful, and it destroys trust. But what causes it to happen? Is it just about the intimacy? Turns out, it's more complicated than that.

Andrea Miller explains, "It never is that black and white. Very rarely is it just one person who's had infidelity. Infidelity is shared. So when somebody looks at it in such a binary way it's like they need to look within themselves and say where is my role? Where's my responsibility in this infidelity?"

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5. You can prevent infidelity with intimacy

Typically there is already a disconnect between spouses before infidelity occurs. Make your marriage divorce-proof by keeping that connection alive.

"People need to have more intimacy in their marriages," advises Miller, "The physical connection is really important."

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