11 Extremely Rare Signs You're In Love With A 'Kindred Spirit'

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When it comes to knowing whether the person you are falling in love with is your kindred spirit, much of the solution comes down to identifying your perfect energetic match. That's because when we talk about people as kindred spirits, it's all about energy.

And if you're familiar with that feeling of mindfulness you get when you are so in tune with someone that, sometimes, you're not quite sure where you stop and they begin, there's a good chance you've found a kindred spirit already.

Kindred Spirit Meaning

Kindred spirits carry the magic of fireflies. They are like little lights that gravitate toward each other in life because they share harmonious energy.

In the world of energy, like attracts like. This means the energetic fields of two kindred spirits recognize their harmony and exchange information easily.

Sometimes you meet someone, and it feels like there's a wall between you. This happens with people who are not your kindred spirits.

On the other hand, sometimes you meet someone and feel the almost effortless flow of a strong undercurrent pulling you towards each other. This might be a kindred spirit — a person whose interests, personality or attitude is similar to your own.

The likeness between you and your kindred spirit can often make you feel like you’ve met another manifestation of yourself. However, this can easily be confused (and shouldn't be) with physical attraction, which also has a strong energetic pull.

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Do kindred spirits fall in love?

The deep connection between true kindred spirits is weird ... and wonderful! And your kindred spirit isn't always the person you're romantically involved with. They can be a friend or even a complete stranger you connect with almost immediately.

Kindred spirits can fall in love, but it's important to remember that relationships between kindred spirits can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes — they can even be your pets!

Ask any pet lover and they’ll tell you about that one special animal that came into their life in an incredible, unexpected way, and how they immediately made a heartfelt connection. These, too, are kindred spirits.



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If you are lucky to find a kindred spirit in your romantic partner, hold on tight and don't let go! This could be an incredibly satisfying lifelong romance. There are signs to look for to see if the two of you are truly kindred spirits.

Here are 11 rare signs to look for that indicate you're in love with a kindred spirit:

1. You finish each other’s sentences.

You seem to always be in sync and it's easy to carry on conversations with each other. You are often interested in the same topics - many times bringing them up at the same time. 

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2. There’s a natural flow to your relationship.

It just feels "easy" to be together. A relationship with a kindred spirit should feel effortless and natural. 

3. You feel like you’ve known each other forever.

And in fact, you may have! Often, kindred spirits are souls we’ve known in other lifetimes. Look for signs that you feel like you've had experiences or conversations before, or that you instinctively know things about this person you wouldn't already know. 

4. You’re comfortable with silence between you.

It’s so easy to be together that neither of you feels the need to fill the space with words. Sitting in silence can often feel uncofortable for people, but with a kindred spirit, talking isn't always necessary to understand each other.

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5. They feel "like" you.

As my daughter once said about a boyfriend of mine who I felt was a kindred spirit, "Mom, he’s like the male version of you!" Kindred spirits can be a new physical manifestation of the same energies - like two people intertwined. 

6. You share many of the same interests.

And you are each open to exploring the interests of the other because you know you’ll probably like something they like.

7. You can talk for hours.

And you do. It's extremely easy to carry on conversation with your kindred spirit, and topics come up naturally. 

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8. You just get each other.

There's no need for lengthy explanations of your positions, politics, feelings, or beliefs ... you get the picture. You don't have to overexplain your ideas for them to understand you. 

9. You experience life in the same way.

Everyone’s experience of life is subjective and related to their lessons and evolution, in addition to their personality and character traits. Kindred spirits tend to see life in the same way regardless of how they were raised. 

10. You share a similar sense of humor.

There are no painted-on smiles or fake laughter in this pair. You sincerely like each other’s jokes! Yet another perk of understanding each other on a deeper level. 

11. You can let your freak flag fly when you're together!

It's OK. Don't be shy. We've all got one. And a kindred spirit doesn't just tolerate your weird side — they love it! And ... you love theirs! What could be more perfect?

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Paige Apgar is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Certified Transformational Life Coach who works with clients to help them reclaim their vibrant, healthy glow and connect to their soul’s purpose.