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Ivy League Woman Explains Why She Absolutely Makes Sure Her Dating App Profile Shows She Went To Harvard Law School

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Modern dating is all about apps. According to Forbes Health, 70% of people looking for love online have actually had successful matches.

But is there a secret to crafting the perfect dating profile to ensure you find a match and not a mistake?

Rachel Cohen, a Bumble user, took to TikTok to share why she always puts her education on her dating profile as if it was a resumé.

Cohen said she makes sure her dating profile shows she went to Harvard Law School.

Despite the fact that many of Cohen's friends leave their education off of their dating profiles because it “limits their dating pool," Cohen doesn't subscribe to their theory for the sole fact that she wants to eliminate potential matches that would have a problem with her ambition.



“Men interact with women in different ways based on their academics,” Cohen explained. “It makes a large portion of men want to argue with you way more.”

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Cohen shared the discomfort of going on a date with someone who didn't know her educational background.

Cohen shared that she met a man in "public" and agreed to go on a date with him, though she explained, "he didn't know where I went to law school."

Although she said, "he seemed pretty secure in his own education and career," when he did find out about her Ivy League status, “It left him pretty disoriented.” And as Cohen described it, that was a "best-case scenario" experience.

On the opposite end of the spectrum were the inquiries from prospective law students looking for advice on how to get accepted at Harvard.



Thankfully, Cohen laughed her way through the story which seems to indicate that she has a good attitude about the less-than-stellar interactions she seems to have from potential dates.

In an effort to weed out even more bad matches, Cohen made the decision to get political on her profile.



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Another Ivy League TikToker explained why she agrees with Cohen and that sharing your education on your dating profile is important.

Ph.D. Ivy League candidate, Sarah, was compelled to stitch Cohen's post because she so adamantly agreed with her stance. Sarah explained that her decision to add her education to her dating profile was not meant "to brag," but rather to let any potential dates know what they were signing up for — a possible girlfriend with very little free time thanks to her academics.



Sarah added, “I’d rather not waste both of our times if this is something you’re not interested in.”

Depending on what you're looking for on a dating app, fewer matches might actually be a good thing.

Not everyone's the same when it comes to dating. Some would rather have a broader profile and date as many people as possible in the hopes of finding a match, and there's certainly something to be said for that. But Cohen and Sarah also have valid points for weeding out the bulk of the pool. 

Obviously, there's no right or wrong way to structure your profile or to approach online dating, but if you've worked hard to achieve a life goal, why wouldn't you want to add it? Is graduating from Harvard Law School any different than hiking the Grand Canyon?

They are both certainly incredibly impressive!

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