6 Ways To Show Your Man Love On Social Media — Without Annoying Everyone Else

Expert advice on how to show your support and connection without the 'cringe' factor.

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Social media has a bad rep. It's blamed for self-esteem issues, attention deficit, addiction, infidelity, and more. People often brag about "perfect" relationships and flawless lives, drawing eye-rolls or feelings of jealousy (sometimes, both!). 

But social media also has the power to connect us. And, when used properly, it can bring you closer to your boyfriend and strengthen your relationship, too. And you don't have to become one of "those couples" do do this. 


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Here are 6 ways to show your boyfriend some extra love (through social media).

1. Encourage him

Words of affirmation can mean a lot. Wish him well before a job interview or a big meeting. Post an inspirational quote. RSVP to an event that he is going to. It will give him a last-minute boost of confidence. He'll love knowing someone is always in his corner.

Comment something low-key but encouraging on his images, like "you've got this" or "I really admire how hard you've been working on this". No need to go overboard, keep it simple. 

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2. Support his interests

Support his passions and back his causes. Share an article you think he’d like or email it to him privately. Follow and like his business page. Send him an event you think he'd like to attend. Love what he does, at least some of the time.

 If he's into stock trading or soccer, show him you're willing to learn about them by following related social media pages, and he'll applaud you for it.

3. Make him laugh

The couple that laughs together stays together. Be the partner he has fun with — even online. Laughter is the best medicine when someone's feeling down, and it will help to create a healthy bond with your guy, too. Share a sweet, funny or inspirational video when you sense he could use a pick-me-up.

Or text him a picture of the two of you cracking up over something. It will cause him to reminisce, and remind him you'll be there for the hard times and the fun times. And he'll appreciate that you know how to make a good time great!


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4. Celebrate him

Sending your man adorable posts on his birthday can make his day. You want him to feel extra special, don't you? When my partner had to work late on his birthday, and we couldn't celebrate in person, I sent him one birthday .GIF per hour. At first, he thought, "What the heck is she doing?" but I know he loved the attention I was giving him.

5. Get him in the mood

To make a relationship thrive, you need to keep things fun and fresh. And there is nothing like a mid-afternoon private message to get your boyfriend primed for a hot date. Tell him you think he's handsome — or hot and can’t wait to see him. He will be very enthusiastic to see you.

Don't forget, many guys are visual creatures, so a flirty photo or an alluring image (whatever makes you feel comfortable and maintains your self-respect) can show him that extra bit of love.


6. Show him your appreciation

If you appreciate him, show him on social media, too! DM him about the everyday things he does for you, like "Thanks for fixing my toilet" and send him a funny meme to go along with it. Or show him your admiration with "I love it when you…" or "I'm so proud of what you accomplished." Leave him comments on his pics about how much you appreciate him — not just for his looks, but also for his kindness. Don't go too far, one quick line is enough. 

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7. Respect his privacy

Some partners are intensely private and don't want their relationship plastered on social media. You must know what's right for them. You don't need grand gestures to show your partner how you feel. Start small and gauge your boyfriend's reaction. If you get it right, your guy will be over the moon with your acts of affection.


8. Avoid phubbing or doomscrolling

Some people believe social media and relationships are a bad mix and might even be to blame for their breakup or relationship problems.

Spending hours doom scrolling is a bad habit that will certainly take time away from spending it with your sweetheart. As one divorce lawyer explained, phubbing is a common cause of divorce!

In addition, obsessively looking up and messaging your exes will amount to no good. Perhaps worse — comparing yourself to others online can make you feel insecure, low, and maybe even a little lost. This does nothing for your situation, not to mention the unintended effects this type of social media use can have on your relationship.


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While it makes sense to protect your love from the hazards of social media by encouraging transparency and putting healthy boundaries on usage, you don't have to let the negative aspects of social media get you or your relationship down. There are lots of equally positive ways social media can enhance your life and your relationships.

I believe like attracts like. If you put out negative social media posts, more will come your way. However, if you surround yourself with positivity online — and promote it yourself — positivity will be contagious.


Instead of using social media in ways that could harm your relationship, use it for good. Go ahead and share your encouraging and appreciative words, photos, and images with your boyfriend. Show him extra love that will strengthen your connection and create new memories together – one text, one selfie, and one post at a time!

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Lisa Petsinis is an ICF-credentialed career and life coach who works with women who want to show up fully for their lives and build lasting life skills – like confidence and resilience – that will help them achieve their career and life goals.