Groom Cries While ‘Desperately’ Reading The Vows He Wrote — ‘You Don’t Just Make Me Feel Loved Every Day, You Make Me Feel Liked’

A strong love builds us into the best versions of ourselves.

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At its best, being in love lifts us up, making us feel like the truest versions of ourselves. Even when times are hard, a good, grounded love will hold us, letting us be flawed and imperfect yet helping us shine all the same.

Getting married is more than just a declaration of love. It’s a decision to show up as someone’s partner, day in and day out, to build a life together.

A groom cried ‘desperately’ while reading his vows, expressing just how deep his love for his wife goes.

Ryan stood before Libby to present his vows, tearing up before he even started.


“I take you for more than my wife,” he said. “I take you for everything that you are because I love everything that you are.”

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He shared the story of their first date, describing how they drove up the Pacific Coastal Highway and ended up having dinner in Santa Barbara, two and a half hours away.

“I just wanted the night to last longer with you,” he said. “You make traffic on the 101 fun.”

Not every part of a relationship is easy or fun. A lot of the time, the struggles of being a person can push passion to the back burner.

There are chores to be done, dinner to make, and work that needs our attention. It’s hugely common for couples to feel overwhelmed by constant life maintenance and let their relationship slide into second place.

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We’re all just trying to get through the day. Partnerships are about getting through the day together.

“I’m still working on myself,” Ryan said, as we all are, as we never actually stop doing.

He revealed a vulnerable part of himself, saying, “I can be incredibly insecure, always worried about people liking me. And you don’t just make me feel loved every day. You make me feel liked.”

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‘You give me utter and total love and acceptance. It is the best feeling in the world to know that the person you love not only accepts you, exactly the way you are, but cherishes it.’

His vows touched on the value of radical acceptance, of loving the entirety of a person, and not just cherry-picking the easy parts.


“I know I have some traits that I don’t cherish,” he said. “I can be immature, messy; I always have to be asked to clean the kitchen… But I never, ever, have to be somebody I’m not.”

Feeling loved is an immense privilege. Feeling liked by the person who loves you is an absolute gift, and no one should settle for anything less.

“You’ve pushed me to be better, but you love me for who I am at heart,” Ryan declared. “I vow to try every single day to make you feel as understood and loved as you make me feel.”

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“I love you, I like you, and I choose you every day for the rest of my life,” he said.

The comments were whole-heartedly in support of Ryan and his love for Libby. As one person noted, “It’s not just his words, it’s the way he’s so desperate to tell you. The want and love in his voice and body language… This man loves you through and through.”

Libby shared her own vows in a separate post, saying, “The funny guy I met when I was 22 completely swept me off my feet, but the man you are today is why I’ll never let you go.”

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“You make me, your family, your friends, and even strangers feel profoundly understood,” she said. “Being able to witness this every day makes me so proud to be able to call you my husband.”


She shared insight into her own view on marriage, saying, “Growing up, finding someone to marry was never on the top of my to-do list.”

“I always wanted to be able to stand firmly on my own two feet, but over the years, you have flipped every stereotype I thought being a girlfriend, fiancé, and wife would be,” she said.

“I thought to make a relationship truly work, I would have to shrivel down to half of who I am in order to fit with that other person,” she said. “Instead, I’ve realized I was only half of who I was meant to be before I met you.”


Two people coming together to create a future is a beautiful thing, made even more beautiful when those people both love and like each other for all time.

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