3 Female CEO-Approved Ways To Be The Greatest Wife Ever

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According to Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, "Ninety percent of this stuff is not that serious, we just get crazy about it." It's becoming more and more common to see women at the top of the corporate ladder that has long been dominated by men. Many women are finally being recognized for their tremendous leadership skills and business achievements. Their vision, creativity, and relentless determination to make a difference are paying big dividends. Can all of this success also translate into an amazing marriage? Absolutely! Here are three ways to be the greatest wife in the world.

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Here are 3 female CEO-approved ways to be the greatest wife ever:

1. Have a vision.

You know very clearly what you want in business, and that clarity has helped shape your business success. It's also essential in sustaining the love and passion of your marriage. Knowing what you don't want to feel or happen is not enough. You must know exactly what you want, or you will get distracted by the little life stressors that pile up and lead to arguments. Your relationship and connection will drift, caught up in unimportant things without any clear vision. What do you want your marriage to optimally look like? How do you want to feel when you are interacting with your partner? What are you working toward building together?



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2. Use your creativity.

The skills you use to influence people are abundantly helpful with your partner. Real leadership is not about criticizing and telling people what to do. As said by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, "Leadership is about making people better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." Want to shift your interaction with your partner? Your creativity can change the dynamics of any relationship. You can be light-hearted, fun, and playful, and remember why you love this person and why you are with them.



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3. Get determined.

In order for any level of business to be sustained, energy must be exerted or the business will ultimately fail. This is also true of a relationship. If left on its own, it will flounder and result in disconnection. Turning a business or relationship around requires even more energy, not the same energy that sustains it. Being determined to manifest the vision you want can result in an increased sense of curiosity. What's working well between you as a couple? What's not working?

As the smart, successful person you are, you realize that if a strategy isn't working then it's time to change it and try something new, or the results will continue to be the same. That same relentless determination you use in business is beneficial to turn around even the most difficult relationship challenges. Be sure to remember your heart's wisdom. If you're hurt, bitter, or resentful about what you are not getting, very little will change. Having a heartfelt understanding of people is an earmark of a great leader. Your intuition and heart will trump your head in helping you to create the results that you want at home. What's the truth? What's real? Find it and your success is inevitable.

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Jeff Forte is a marriage therapist and author of The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle. He has over 15 years of experience with some of Wall Street’s top investment firms, including extensive interpersonal conflict resolution experience as a regional team development leader.