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About Jeff Forte

I help stressed Executives, Business Professionals, and Couples resolve urgent challenges in their personal lives, and relationships in short time frames.

Clients seek my guidance for urgent challenges and conflicts in their personal lives, and marriages, particularly when time is of the essence and the stakes are high. I am an expert in Divorce Prevention and Marriage Resolution and have the skills to help even the most troubled marriages where traditional couples counseling has failed.

Fortune 500 Executives, Business Professionals, Attorneys, Surgeons, Professional Athletes, Teams and Couples rely on my guidance to resolve urgent situations that keep them from having the success and happiness that they deserve. I use proprietary techniques to get quickly to the core issues that keep people stuck and unhappy.

I am the author of The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle, founder of PEAK Results Coaching, an Executive and Peak Performance Coach specializing in Marriage Resolution and Team Dynamics. I hold certifications in Strategic Intervention and Marriage Education.

My previous experience includes 15 years with some of  Wall Street’s top investment firms, including extensive interpersonal conflict resolution experience as regional team development leader.  My clients include: Fortune 500 Executives,Business Professionals, Attorneys, Surgeons, Professional Athletes, Teams and Couples.

I offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all my coaching services.

All inquiries are welcome. Call me at or email jeff@peakresultscoaching.com to schedule your no obligation, complimentary conversation. We will get right to the heart of how to get you the results that you want.

Jeff Forte Success Stories

From Failed Couple's Counseling Back to Love

Couples considering divorce

" I had spent 2 years on and off in couples therapy working on communication with my husband, but never getting anywhere. We continued to argue about the smallest things and I felt completely misunderstood and alone. After talking to Jeff Forte I knew right away that he could help us. We only had one conversation with him together as a couple, and the rest were separate individual conversations, but they were so helpful. He told me exactly what to do and I know that he did the same

with my husband. Here we are about 45 days later and I feel like I’m in a new marriage. I not only feel happy and understood, I feel the love that I haven’t felt in over 12 years.


Newport Beach, CA

One Committed Person Can Make All the Difference

Couples considering divorce

"My husband and I argued constantly and things would get way out of control. It seemed like I had to walk gingerly around him and we couldn’t talk about anything at all without arguing. We were talking about separating until a friend told me about Jeff’s book. I enjoyed reading his book so much, because it seemed like there were things that I could do by myself to change my marriage. From my very first conversation with Jeff to today one month later, my husband and I have not had one bad argument and not once has my husband brought up divorce. He is sweeter and much more affectionate to me. I have come to realize thanks to Jeff that I have so much more control over my marriage than I ha d ever imagined and my husband has no idea that I have even been getting any outside help."more


Bellevue, WA


From the Edge of Divorce Back to Feeling Connected

Couples considering divorce

"Our marriage was basically over. We had been through three different therapists and nothing had changed. My husband and I were talking about divorce regularly. My friend suggested I contact Jeff Forte because she knew someone who said he fixed her marriage. I was a little surprised at his fees, but more surprised at his amazing track record and how fast he got to what was really wrong in our relationship. He definitely knows what he is doing and didn’t waste any time at getting into areas in our relationship that none of the therapists had talked about. My husband who had been so resistant with the therapists really appreciated his no nonsense, no blame, and educational approach. Jeff helped bring love back into our marriage and my husband and I feel like we can handle anything together now."more


Avon, CT

Getting My Marriage Back on Track

Married couples

"After reading one of Jeff Forte’s articles on line, for the very first time I believed it was possible to change my marriage. Working with him was light and easy unlike the heaviness and seriousness I experienced in other things I tried first. His approach to relationships is so refreshingly logical and straight forward. There is no guessing about what to do next. My wife and I both enjoyed our consultations with him. He understood so well what my wife really needed from me. He always seemed to know what to do for whatever was happening between us. His businesslike approach to relationship was surprisingly easy to put into place right away. My marriage is back on track and I don’t have the stress of always wondering what to do next anymore."more


Houston, TX

Relationship Goes from Near Divorce to Romantic Honeymoon

Couples considering divorce

"I would really like to thank Jeff Forte from the bottom of our hearts for the relationship help he gave us. We were both amazed at how fast our feelings for each other changed for the better. His tips were easy, basic, and simple to follow. Since we met him, our relationship has gone from near divorce to a never-ending romantic honeymoon. Using his approach Melanie and myself have managed to rekindle the heartfelt emotions we had 15 years ago when we were first dating!" more

Jeff and Melanie K.

Andover, MA

Learning What to Do that Works Right Away

Married couples

"I found Jeff’s from an ad for relationship coaching and called him to set up a meeting for me and my wife. We had been married 11 years.  After hearing him talk I began to understand why my wife and I had disconnected. I learned exactly what I was doing wrong. My wife was very surprised at how well he understood women and what they need most from men. After working with Jeff for just a month, everything that I do in my relationship has changed. His strategies really work. I am still not sure why some of them work so well, but they do. He told me that some of what I would need to do would be counter intuitive. I never would have figured this out on my own. Jeff’s ideas work. If you are in trouble in your relationship I recommend you call him right away."more


Madison, CT

It Can Be Fun to Transform Your Unhappy Marriage

Couples considering divorce

"After 5 years of on and off couple’s therapy and being at my wits end I found Jeff Forte. I figured it would be more of the same going through the issues and working on how to understand each other. Our first conversation was remarkable because he understood immediately what was happening between us. No one had ever been able to talk to me about my marriage issues in such an easy to understand right to the point manner. I knew that he was the right person for us right away. Jeff suggested

my husband talk with him as well to see if he was comfortable working with him. Working with Jeff was a breath of fresh air. Many of our conversations were fun and light. I learned so much from him that I hired him to work with me separately. Everything about our marriage improved. We are closer than we have been in 15 years and finally I feel like my husband understands me. Thank you Jeff!'


Darien, CT

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