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Devoted Elderly Husband Takes A Trip To The Hair Salon To Learn How To Blow Dry His Wife's Hair — 'He Wants Her To Feel Beautiful'

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Every stage of life comes with its own set of challenges and that includes aging. For some, the transition can be difficult when health issues make daily life a little more difficult than it used to be.

One husband in Arizona tried to make this transition a little bit easier on his wife.

A husband learned how to blow dry his wife’s hair when she no longer could.

In a video posted to Instagram by Mariah of Scottsdale, Arizona’s Happy Hair House, the man could be seen learning how to blow dry his wife’s hair. Mariah, the owner of the salon, gave him an in-depth tutorial. She separated his wife’s hair into sections and blow-dried each using a round brush.

After demonstrating her method, Mariah handed the tools over to the doting husband to let him try it for himself.

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The video explained that the man’s wife “lost muscle function in both her arms.” She was no longer able to hold up a blow dryer or brush. Styling her hair, which had always been important to her, was not something that she could do any longer. 

Fortunately, her fantastic husband was willing to step up and step into a new role that probably felt very strange and foreign to him.

Other Instagram users who took the time to comment on the video were impressed by his show of affection. One person described it as “the embodiment of marriage vows.”

Elderly husband takes trip to hair salon to learn how to blow dry his wife's hairPhoto: Latino Life / Canva Pro

“What a man,” said another. “A true moment of, ‘If he wanted to, he would!’” observed a third user.

This tender moment serves as a reminder that love that lasts “in sickness and in health” still exists. 

It’s important to be a partner, not just a caregiver.

AARP wrote about the significance of maintaining a relationship as a loving partnership, even when one spouse becomes the other’s caregiver. “For caregivers, the loss of that ‘former couple self’ can be devastating,” they explained.

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According to therapist Augustina Rueda, “It’s so important to try to be present with the person you love beyond the circumstances of their injury or illness.” The person you love is so much more than the sickness they are facing, and they should be seen as such. No one should be reduced to their limitations, especially in a loving relationship.



Forbes Health agreed. They reported that 6.36 million American adults are their partners’ caregivers. Forbes Health said, “When two people commit to spending their lives together… it’s a hopeful acknowledgment of all the wonderful things life has to offer — and often neglects the real and raw challenges that can arise along the way.”

It is important to face these realities early on in a relationship so there is a plan in place. There is nothing worse than not knowing what to do or how to react when and if the time comes.

Forbes Health added that it is important to remember the person you fell in love with, not just the patient you are caring for. And, in the process, it’s okay to ask for help if you need it.

Elderly husband takes a trip to the hair salon to learn how to blow dry his wife's hairPhoto: diversifylens / Canva Pro

The bottom line is that it is important to care for those you love and use the process of doing so as an opportunity to show that love.

This husband is an example of how to do that. His wife became incapable of doing a seemingly small thing, but it was of great importance to her. That was enough for him to realize he needed to step in and do for her what she couldn’t do for herself. It’s a show of love we can all learn from.

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