7 Easy-To-Miss Signs Someone's Micro-Flirting With You

It's not always easy to know if someone likes you, especially if they're shy.

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We’re all seeking connection, but it can be hard to know when someone’s feelings go beyond friendship, whether a person is just being kind or if they have deeper feelings for you.

Whether you’re out at a party or standing in line to grab a little coffee treat, there are ways to know if someone is smiling because they’re friendly or they’re flirting.

Here are 7 easy-to-miss signs that someone is micro-flirting with you:

1. The reasons they like you are more than physical

Micro-flirting is a form of flirting someone will use if they’re shy, introverted, or not entirely sure if you like them back. For that reason, micro-flirting isn’t always easy to spot.


“Micro-flirts are essentially little acts of flirts,” one woman explained.


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It’s the kind of flirting that can make you wonder if someone’s actually flirting with you, only to replay every second of your interaction in your head.


If someone tells you that they admire your spirit or love the way you laugh, that means they’re paying attention to the smaller parts of your personality, the things that make you — you.

Attraction goes beyond appearance. Having a generous heart and a thoughtful presence means so much more than looks alone. Seeing the elements of who you are that go deeper than your looks and complimenting you on it means they’re micro-flirting.

2. They notice the little things

If they can always tell when you got a haircut or a new outfit, or they make it a point to tell you about the one song that reminds them of you, they’re definitely into you, and they’re definitely micro-flirting.

Picking up on small details means they know you and like you, and they want to make you feel good by telling you they’ve noticed.


3. They remember important moments you’ve shared

When someone mentions that one funny thing you said a few weeks ago or references something you’ve told them in the past, this means they listen to everything you say and that you hold a lot of meaning to them.

Finding ways to remind you that they know you so well is their way of saying that they like you.

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This is a subtle move, but it’s one that reveals just how much someone cares.

4. They’re generous and kind

Someone who likes you will think of you and show you in little ways.

Whether that means holding the door open for you when you go out together or making sure you get to eat the last fry, they’re showing you have worth to them through acts of generosity.

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5. They’re always so happy to see you

They might not tell you outright how happy they are when you’re together, but they smile wider, and their eyes sparkle every time you walk into a room.

Expressing how we really feel is a challenge, even when we’re close to someone. Sometimes, we can tell if someone likes us by how they react when we’re around.


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6. They make eye contact

When a person likes you, they might not tell you right away, but you can tell if they have feelings for you by the way they look at you.

If they hold your gaze steadily and watch you while you speak instead of being distracted by the environment or swiping through their phone, it’s proof of how much you mean to them.


This kind of undivided attention is truly swoon-worthy, and you’ll notice how it makes you feel seen, held and appreciated.

7. They show you their silly side

Another way of micro-flirting is if they’re always trying to get you to laugh. They’re not afraid to look ridiculous around you, which means that they trust you to see their full selves.


If they send you silly photos or dance like no one’s watching, even though you’re watching, this is a sure sign that they feel close to you.

It’s never easy to be vulnerable with someone. There’s so much risk involved in letting someone know how you feel. Fear of rejection often holds us back from saying how we really feel.

Yet if we don’t tell people we care, then we’re missing out on all the amazing connections we could have just by being honest, open, and expressing our emotions. 

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