Dating Coach Reveals The 5 Best Places To Meet Great Men

The dating world is your oyster.

Last updated on Jun 16, 2024

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As a dating and relationship coach, my favorite question is "Where can I find good men?" I have entertained this question many times and have found the real question to be, "Where can I find a guy convenient to where I live and work within the time and distance requirements that I would prefer and who fits all of the criteria I have listed on my checklist?" This may sound funny or sarcastic but generally, this is the underlying intention behind the original question. We have become such a "microwavable" society that we expect things to happen at our convenience and become frustrated when they don’t turn out that way. 


I think that online dating, although very well intended and other forms of social media, may have contributed to our sense of laziness; making us want to have it all in finding a mate and not even having to get out of our comfort zone (or bunny slippers) to find him. Then when you couple this with being in your 30s and beyond, you have a recipe for being single for a very long time. Online dating is still a great way to date but I’ve decided to list my top 5 quality places to meet men offline. There are hundreds of places I could mention here but I thought I would give you the best places I’ve found that people can meet, particularly over the age of 30.


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Here are the top 5 unusual places to meet great men:

1. Charities and fundraising events

This is the best way to meet people and one of the ways that is close to my heart. Not only are you helping people, or serving the community for some worthy cause, but you’re getting your face out there so men can see you. If you don’t have any great ideas about charities to participate in or don’t know about any fundraising events, join a religious or community-oriented group that has specific goals for community outreach. Even if you don’t meet a potential mate, you’ll feel better about yourself. I believe when you are doing good for other people, God or the universe will reward you accordingly.

2. Salsa dancing or partner-oriented dances

This is one of my second-best ways to meet people because men have to ask you to dance. They have to make an effort to approach you, initiate conversation, and escort you to the dance floor. The other thing I love about partner-oriented dances is that men generally have to take the lead. This is a very romantic, yet traditional way of dating. Not to mention salsa dancing is very sensual and intimate! Why not put on a pretty dress, stick a flower in your hair, put on some cute shoes, and shake your buns, and it's good for you!

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3. Business conferences/seminars/workshops

This is another great way to meet people because generally people come alone and will be more open-minded to getting to know others as compared to festivals or other events where they tend to travel in groups. You also have common interests to share and discuss in between sessions. One tip is to stay away from late-night events where the men may get a little too frisky and you find yourself in a compromising position with someone you just met.

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4. Jobs working with the public

Why do you think so many celebrities, models, TV personalities, and others working in the public get so many marriage proposals? They are constantly in the spotlight working with the public. They are visible to the public which generates potential admirers and fans. Now you certainly don’t have to change jobs if you don’t work with the public but consider adding hobbies or activities that would put you front and center for people to see you. For example, you could try hosting or promoting local events where your help would be appreciated. You could try volunteering at your church to read the weekly announcements in front of the congregation. Even becoming an expert in your field of work can get you potential radio or TV time to display your accomplishments. 


5. Sporting events

There is no other place I can think of which increases your chances of meeting men more than at a sporting event. If you’re not really into sports, try learning tennis or golf to see how it feels to play the sport. Participating in a sport is quite different from watching it on TV because you feel the intensity and the passion people have for it. You begin to understand the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat which is the reason people watch sports in the first place. You may also get a good workout which increases your energy level for meeting that special someone. If you could at least be open to learning about sports, I’m sure men would appreciate your efforts in the process.

As we grow older, meeting people can feel like a daunting process as we are not handed the same opportunities for meeting people as we were when we were in our teenage years. Between family and work obligations, it can feel like a tedious task. However, the rewards can be endless. Just get clear on your intentions for a mate and align your expectations accordingly. Then think about some of the ways I’ve mentioned above to meet men which would increase your visibility and would generate interest from them. Men are everywhere and if you are open to trying new activities to meet them, you should have no problems in finding them.

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Monique Boyd is a professional life/dating coach, professional matchmaking, and offers image consulting, and personal training services to help people move to the next level of their life, and achieve their dreams and goals.