Couples Who Engage In This Activity Twice A Week Earn More Money, According To Research

Want to earn more at your job? Try doing more of this.

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How can you and your man pull in more income? You might assume the answer is spending long nights in the office, but the answer might be more nights in your bed.

A study finds that couples who are intimate at least twice a week also earn more.

Couples who do this twice a week earn more money, says research

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International Journal of Manpower published a 2015 study that found men and women who get intimate twice a week earn 4.5 percent more than couples who aren't having as much of a good time. The findings came from a survey done with 7,500 Greece residents. The study also found that men who aren't intimate make 1.3 percent less.

"Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory claims that the happier and more fulfilled individuals are in their lives, the more productive and successful they will be in their work, translating to higher wages,” the study leader said.

So, tell your workaholic partner to get home and put in the work in the bedroom!


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What exactly is the connection between your salary and how often you're being intimate? Researchers aren't quite sure. From the study, there is a tie between the two, but there isn't any clear evidence of what's causing it.

If you make more money, you’re less likely to be stressed — and with less stress, you may find yourself in the mood to cuddle with your significant other, writes Nick Drydakis, author of the study.

"Physical and mental health, as well as personality characteristics, are important factors that affect wages. The patterns found in this study strengthen this reasoning," writes Drydakis.


"The theory concludes that people need to love and be loved, physically and non-physically, by others. In the absence of these elements, people may become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and depression — all factors that can affect their working life," said Drydakis.

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The study also found that employees with health problems are less likely to be intimate. Being intimate really does make you healthier and better in every aspect of your life. 

According to the study, employees taking medication are 5.4 percent less likely to be intimate, while those with diabetes are 2.4 percent less and those with arthritis and rheumatism are 3.9 percent less.


Employees with cancer are 5.4 percent less likely to be intimate while employees with psychiatric or psychological symptoms are 3.7 percent less likely as well.

And those with heart problems, such as coronary heart disease and angina, are 11.4 percent less likely to be intimate, the study found.

It makes complete sense! There are many health and beauty benefits from intimacy, so why can't earning more be added to the list?


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