12 Bad Habits That Make Men Lose Interest In A Woman

These might seem cute to you, but not to him.

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Getting a man to be attracted to you is pretty easy, assuming that you look halfway decent. Most guys will be interested in a girl as long as she’s average in terms of looks.

However, keeping a guy attracted to you can be way harder.

This is especially true when you think about all the bad advice and bad habits girls pick up from bad dating advice sites or just plain terrible social skills.

Sometimes, the things we think will be great with guys actually drives them away.


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Here are 12 bad habits that make men lose interest in a woman:

1. The baby voice

Ever notice how many guys cringe when they hear a girl talking in a baby voice? If you haven’t, you might want to take a look. It’s really, really painful. While we may think it’s cute, most guys just assume that it’s something slightly annoying or even a bit creepy to hear a girl talk like this.


2. Playing dumb

This is a very bad move on so many levels. At best, you’re boosting the ego of a guy who is too insecure to handle your true smart self. At worst, you’re making yourself look like an idiot in front of a smart man who will lose interest in you because of the way you’re acting.

3. The “woman-child” tantrum

You know how some girls think it’s cute to pout, whine, and stomp their feet angrily when they don’t get their way? Yeah, guys hate that. It’s not cute, and it makes you look like an immature trainwreck.

4. Duckface and Kardashian pout

Dude, just because you jut your lips out to look cute on Instagram doesn’t mean guys will be into it. Most of the time, if you rehearse that same facial pose, guys will pick up on it. Though it may make you attractive for a fling, most guys I’ve met have voiced that they want someone that appears more genuine for the long term.

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5. Refusing to say your opinion

Most women assume that guys don’t want to be with a girl who has too many opinions or is too bossy, but the fact is that they’d rather have a bossy girl than a doormat. No one, whether male or female, enjoys the company of a person without a spine.

6. Pouting but saying everything is “fine” when it’s clearly not

Guys are not mind-readers. They are not Miss Cleo, nor will they be able to get their own TV show as John Edward did. You can’t expect them to realize what they did wrong if you don’t tell them, even if it’s glaringly obvious to you.

7. Playing “hard to get”

Most guys I know can’t stand this game, and if they think that the girl is too unavailable, they’ll stop texting her. Though they don’t want someone with no life of their own, they do want someone who makes time for them. If you act unavailable, guys will get annoyed and go away.

8. Being mean to other girls

Nothing is quite as gross as seeing someone who really, truly can’t be happy for others. Being a member of the “mean girls” club may seem like a good way to show that you’re better than them, but guys tend to find manipulative, mean, or otherwise insecure behavior a major turn-off.


In fact, seeing this behavior is often a major reason why guys won’t commit to a girl. After all, if you can be that cruel to others, who’s to say you won’t eventually turn on him?

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9. Being a “woo girl”

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, MTV used to make a point of getting girls to start cheering with a loud “WOO!” during their hit show, TRL. This somehow turned into a weird party culture thing that thankfully petered out about ten years ago.

Prior to that, at almost any club you’d go to, you’d see a “woo girl.” These girls would be the ones who would get trashed to the point of puking, screaming “woo” like overgrown sorority girls, and just being obnoxiously loud messes. Yeah, guys don’t like that behavior at all.


10. Ranting about how evil men are

Speaking as someone who is regularly guilty of manhating spiels, I can totally understand how men can hurt a girl to the point that she sees them as an enemy rather than a potential suitor. However, if you’re trying to attract a man, telling them how weak and worthless their gender is probably isn’t a good idea. My best advice to you is to just avoid men if you’re going to be this hostile — it’s neither fair to you nor them.

11. Being a bait and switch

A lot of people, both male, and female, will pretend to be someone they’re not just so that they can keep someone around. Unfortunately, that mask these people put on will fall off one of these days, and that will leave their partners horrified, tricked, and hurt when they do. Don’t be a bait-and-switch unless you want to give him permanent trauma.

12. Being a total hot mess

Nobody wants to be with a partner that will embarrass them or potentially call them up to bail them out of jail. If you act like a hot mess, you will make men run away faster than Usain Bolt from the starting line. 


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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, New Theory Magazine, and others.