5 'Adorable' Things Women Do That Men Really Dislike

We're talking serious pet peeves over here.

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It’s not always easy to know what turns men off, let alone the particular pet peeves of a guy you've only been dating a short time, but there are certain habits women should avoid around guys they see as boyfriend material, especially if they're hoping that special man will fall in love and want to get married.

Some of the "girly" behaviors your female friends think are super cute, funny and cool could wind up costing you the respect and admiration of the kind of man you think of when it comes to romantic relationships.


Unfortunately, most guys won’t tell you what you did to drive them away. They’ll just drop off the radar overnight.

Why? Often, it's because they just could no longer deal with what they consider cringe-worthy behavior. 

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Here are five 'adorable' things women do that men really dislike:

1. Talking in a baby voice

Years ago, back in my waitress days, I had a co-worker who was super cute. She had a rockin’ body, big brown eyes, and the cutest button nose. Men were constantly asking her out. No problem there. But, she rarely got past a first date because, after an evening of her baby talk, giggles, and nose-scrunching, the guys went radio silent.

She was an aspiring actress and thought she was being adorable playing this "part" with men, but she just came off looking silly and unbalanced.

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2. Bringing their dog everywhere

As a matchmaker for men, I’m in the unique position of hearing feedback after the dates. I recently got a call from one of my male clients, Joe, about Gina.


“Marla, I really like Gina, she is sweet, and fun to be with. I’ve seen her now about five times, but she brings her dog with her everywhere, and I mean everywhere. She has one of those dog carrier slings that she wears on her body, and that dumb little dog comes on all of our dates with us. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, but this is just too much!”

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3. Being a little too ... out there

Tim called me immediately after his lunch date with Sarah.

“Marla, okay ... how do I say this? Sarah believes that aliens built the pyramids in Egypt ... and she also believes in chemtrails ... and she’s a vegan, which is just silly. Please find me someone normal.”


I bit my tongue while listening to Tim because I’m completely aligned with Sarah on all of these subjects, but many guys find such esoteric ideas too much to wrap their brains around.

Things could work out in the end if you save the conspiracy theory conversations for after you’ve gotten to know each other better (my hubby thinks I'm a nut, but he's madly in love with me), but bringing up controversial topics like these too early is a gamble unless you already know his stance aligns with yours from the get-go.

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4. Wearing too much makeup

This is a complaint I’ve heard countless times. Guys love natural beauty, and when your face is caked with makeup it makes him feel like he’s at a cabaret show instead of on a date with a cool, down-to-earth girl.


He wants to know that you can be spontaneous and jump out of bed on a Sunday, throw on some jeans and a baseball cap and go for a hike or a bike ride.

Plus, you’ll seem more confident if you can go with the flow and not have to hide the real you behind a ton of cosmetics.

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5. Complaining about your looks

Ladies, I get it. We all feel fat in our skinny jeans from time to time, but guys don’t want to hear it. If he’s with you, it’s because he thinks you’re hot, and he’s not concentrating on your muffin top or imagined stomach roll. And truthfully, you already know whether your outfit is flattering or not. You have a mirror.


He can’t win, because if he tells you that yes, you do look fat in those pants, he’s doomed, and if he says, “No, not at all honey,” when you know your buttons are bursting, you’ll accuse him of lying.

Give the guy a break by keeping it to yourself and trusting that he thinks you look beautiful no matter what.

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Marla Martenson is a transformational life coach, matchmaker, author & tarot reader