21 Most Underrated Things Men Do That Attract Women

It's the simple things, guys.

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I love a man who drives a car with authority and owns the road like a boss. Something about the rev of the ignition and someone who can make sharp turns or merge into traffic like he's been doing it all his life. SO. hot.

In light of this, we decided to pose the question to women: 

What's the most underrated thing(s) men do that make you attracted to them?  

And boy, did they deliver.

Our favorite answers for the underrated things men do that make them super attractive to women:

1. "Allowing a woman to go first/opening a door. It's just nice."


2. "Doing household repairs without being asked first."

3. "Wear a suit!" #OhMyGosh

4. "Really looking at me when I'm telling him something that means something to me."

5. "Taking notes. He should know what makes you tick and what right things to do."

6. "Men doing chores. When they do things like come to my apartment to fix things for me or help me clean, it's the sexiest thing ever."

7. "The hug-from-behind thing. Like when you're at the sink or standing at the kitchen counter. My knees literally go weak!"

8. "Being friendly with wait staff, the doorman, the store clerk, etc. Simple kindness that makes me see what a good person they are!"


9. "When he stops what he's doing to really look at you before a compliment."

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10. "Cooking."

11. "Telling you how and why their single mom was an inspiration. A guy that admires his mom means a lot to a woman he's seeing."

12. "Vacuuming and snuggling with our dog."

13. "Someone who loves dogs and handles them well. Seriously. It tells me everything I need to know about a guy."

14. "Handling a baby like a pro."

15. "Baby wearing!"

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16. "Saying or doing anything to support feminism! We love a man that a feminist man that stands up for women's rights."


17. "When he helps me up and walks me to the bathroom after sexy time, waits for me, then walks me back to bed and tucks me in."

18. "When he puts the his hand in the small of my back before we walk into a room."

19. "Grilling. I don't know why; I'm sure it's something primal about men and fire and meat and tools."


20. "When we're walking on the sidewalk and he moves me to the inside, never once stopping or disrupting whatever he's saying."

21. "Laughing at themselves, being sweet to elderly and children, and going out of their way for family/friends without expecting anything in return."

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